The Baker family saga, how it all started by Allison Kohn, writer of good books with humor and a flare of romance and adventure

Johnathan Baker was the first son of an English nobleman whose younger brother was better suited to the job of responsible family head than Johnathan; he proved it by stealing his brother’s money and increasing it’s worth ten fold. Instead of exiling his brother to the far reaches of the universe, Johnathan gave him the job and responsibility of his estates and family obligations while he went off and led an life of adventure in his majesties army. So while Johnathan was fighting world wars for the advancement of British sovereignty, his brother was establishing lucrative roots in the colonies. He set up base in Maryland, and increased both his brother’s and his own monetary worth, based on tobacco as a commodity crop, cultivated primarily by African slave labor, although many young people came from the British Isles as indentured servants in the early years. When Johnathan fell in love with and married Margaret, he moved her to Maryland where his brother could take care of her and his children while he continued to enjoy the life of adventure he was accustomed to. His five children – three boys and two girls – were all born and raised in Maryland. While Johnathan was stationed in Europe, America gained her independence.  So Jonathan sold his colors and returned to the New world and his now almost all grown family. Because Great Britain abolished slavery in 1808, Johnathan and his brother considered freeing all their slaves and going to paid labor. It proved to be cheaper, oin the long run, so they kept it up. Johnathan fought in the war of 1812, establishing his eternal commitment to his new country, and after his youngest daughter, Julie, married adam Colter and they became close friends, his whole adventurous being was on fire for manifest destiny. That is where the Baker family saga got its start. Evelyn’s Anxious Bench is the first book. I hope you enjoy it.


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