Adventure from the first Christian novel in the Baker family saga about Evelyn’s Anxious Bench

Hello everyone,  this is a short serving from my first novel in the series,  Evelyn’s anxious Bench

Evelyn wondered if she hadn’t been too hasty in her reply when her wagon became a pontoon boat and began to cross the wild river. It was a cool November day and the icy water splashed the sides of the canoes and through the wheels and left droplets on Evelyn’s skin. She put a shawl over Donna and Alice Mae who were huddled together gleefully. It seemed as though Alice thought anything that made Evelyn scared was the most delightful thing imaginable, and Donna, of course, assumed that she was right. It was a relief to know that if they all died in those horrible churning waves, Alice Mae and Donna would enjoy it.

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