Excerpt from Guardians Watch, Book 3 of The Devastation Wars


Larin never dreamed leather armor could be so hot. He always thought the soldiers in their leather with the rows of metal studs looked strong, powerful. He never thought they were just hot. But he was. Sweat was dripping down his back, gathering under his arms. And the armor chafed too. He was going to have blisters on his shoulders, he just knew it. He shifted the long pike he held to the other hand and reached up under his armor, trying to shift it to a better position.

“Stop fidgeting,” Haris hissed. Haris was the other guard on the gate to the Tender estate this morning. “You’re supposed to stand still. Don’t you know anything?”

“But it’s making sore spots,” Larin whined. “And I’m sweating. Can’t we move into the shade?” The shade was just a few steps away, retreating up to the wall. When they’d first gone on…

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