Rainbows, Queens and Fairies…….My Big Gay Blog Post


Texana's Kitchen

I am not out to offend anyone out there, gay straight or otherwise….I am just asking that we all treat everyone else with dignity and respect, despite our differing views on this (or any) topic.  I am not asking homophobes to embrace their gay brethren, or support gay marriage.  I am not asking my gay friends to start eating at Chick Fil A again.  I am just asking everyone to please be kind to others, and understand there are more perspectives out there than your own.


Don’t go get your knickers in a twist about it, but this is National Pride Month.  In case you’ve been living in seclusion for the last 30 or so years, Pride Month is a month-long string of events celebrated by the Gay Community to remind people that they “are here, and queer…Get over it!”, as they continue to seek equality and recognition…

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