Adventure on Monday, July 15th, 2013

Hello everyone,  this is a short serving from  my adventurous romance Evelyn’s anxious Bench, full of humor.

Before Evelyn knew it she was sitting on a hard seat in a sturdy covered wagon watching her beautiful home fade into the distance as she kept the tears back by sheer willpower. How could this have happened? She asked herself. Why doesn’t someone see how appalling this whole deranged scheme is and stop it?

She looked around her at the occupants of the other wagons, but no one else seemed the least bit concerned that what they were doing might be wrong. Then she realized that her husband was talking to her and she tried to concentrate on what he was saying.

Lawrence was reminding her that the Jonathan Baker family had the best outfitted train possible. “We have ten large sturdy wagons. They and our stock are the best money can buy, along with all of our gear.” He glanced at her. “Our clothes are, too, but according to Adam, that may have to change very soon.”

Evelyn turned her head and pretended that she hadn’t heard that last statement. And the fact that they were traveling in opulent vehicles didn’t make her a bit happier about leaving her beautiful home. What could they be thinking? She suppressed a shudder. Sane people just don’t leave a life of ease and luxury to live like paupers in untamed territory just for an idea. What’s wrong with everyone anyway? Evelyn felt as though her heart was being torn from its roots. Do hearts have roots?

Lawrence looked at Evelyn and sighed, half with pride and half with compassion. He knew that she was unhappy about the move, but she was so beautiful he couldn’t help being proud that she was sitting there by his side. She wore a fashionable, neat traveling dress, and a bonnet trimmed with soft silk ribbons with a downy rushing of tulle framing her face. She looked so angelic sitting there with her parasol shading her face. No one else would have been able to tell how distraught she was.

Evelyn thought that no one could see her tormented soul, but she had to hide the parasol between her face and Lawrence’s to hide the tears that wouldn’t stay away. In spite of her efforts Lawrence knew what she was doing and sympathized. So he kept up a steady stream of talk as they moved slowly away from their birthplace. It seemed to Evelyn that he was intent on pointing every dreadful aspect of their folly.


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