A review of Spyder Sylk by Jonathan Marker

I’ve been doing some reading to catch up with the people on Goodreads. This one was not a pleasant read;

This is a well-written and researched book that will make you depressed, angry, sick to your stomach… but will never boar you. It isn’t a relaxing read, or a happy read, but it will make you think – the action necessarily follows thought. This book should be a warning to us never to allow something like that to happen in the US.

What if all love and compassion were dead in the US? What if all illegal alliances were Mexican and an insane fringe were the norm in this country until in 2050 a president were elected who would control even the minds of her subjects? This is a tongue in cheek look at what might happen. It is full of good quotes and, frankly, i am enjoying it. It is a warning to never let anything like that happen – to get busy now
“What if the US president has a madman who is also a sociopathic scientist; and what if this scientist can save the government a lot of money by making human machines out of those foolish enough to be a part of the US military? This is every bad scenario ever thought up all wrapped into one bad dream.”
“flashbacks to the life of a child, used and abused by his parents – who, in the future will be used and abused by a sadistic scientist – the child, not his parents – they will be dead.”
“what is the connection between this evil scientist and the aged boy who he uses in a manner equal to the abuse his parents inflicted? Is it revenge, anger, pain, or an inability to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones? or was it something less controllable, like a program gone bad? This book is not a light read. It will make you think; and thinking calls for action.”
“To quote the author’s words – “Spyder Sylk depicts a dystopian future United States…” This book is fairly well written – I only noticed one mistake and it might well have been mine – and researched. There are no likable characters and no real resolution but it will make you think, and that’s good.”

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