Making a video

What will I say about the baker family when I make a video?

What makes the Baker family think they will make a good nucleus for a thriving new community on the west coast?

Johnathan Baker’s brother did a good job for his elder brother, not only increasing his monetary wealth, but showing his sons how to increase their own wealth; so they had no need for the training their father choose for them. but what Johnathan decreed, his family acquiesced to. When a barrister saved Johnathan from certain ruin, Johnathan decided his eldest son should study law, when Johnathan was given an example of the power of the printed word, he decreed that his next son should became a master of the printing press, and when a doctor saved Johnathan’s life, he put his son, Marcus, to the study of medicine. When he thought about his precious daughters growing up to be like some of the spoiled, useless girls of his acquaintance, he required that they each teach a session of public school before they were allowed to come out in society.  When his youngest son-in-law told him stories about his own travels for the fur trade, Johnathan began to see his family as a direct answer to manifest destiny. What happened next is a matter of record, written down in the Baker family saga.


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