Review of Evelyn’s Anxious Bench by Gene Covington

Evelyn’s Anxious Bench. This is the first in a series. When it was suggested that I read this book I had no idea what it was about. What the heck is an Anxious Bench, I wondered… Well it just goes to show one shouldn’t worry to much about the title. It is what’s in the pot that makes the soup so good that counts. Evelyn’s Anxious Bench is a real good soup that I’m sure anyone who likes adventure is sure to enjoy. I give Allison Kohn’s “Evelyn’s Anxious Bench,” a 5 star rating for putting such a worth while read together. If one pays attention to the lessons it presents, it is a story that when read can make your life a better place to be.

My faith stresses that we should always seek the good. It doesn’t matter from where the good comes from, just so that it is of good rapport and pleasing unto God’s eyes. This book must certainly be a creation that our Father in Heaven is pleased with.

As you travel the pages of the story you can literally feel the transformation of the folks as they go from a life of dependent luxury and of little self worth to people with strength, personal pride and integrity. It is of people who knew and cared little about God. As they journey from comfort in the east to build a new town in the west in the 1800’s you experience their hardships, lost loved ones, pain and suffering. You will also become a member of the family and wagon train and share in their family love and happy and exciting experiences. Their discovery of God and the records his prophets left to help them live by is an exciting part of the book.

As they travel Bear River I could smell the air, hear the roar of rapids and I longed to be there for I have traveled, fished and hunted that land. Thanks for taking me there once again.

Highly recommend this read. Gene Covington

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