Book review of Day 7 by Nika Lubitasch

This is a close up picture of an accused murderer in the courtroom from the perspective of the accused. Is she the kind of person who could kill her husband? did she have a black out from too much liquor? She has a temper, she is sensual, she has a lose of moral norms, but is she a murderer? As she sits in the courtroom her memories go to her past – to how long she has known her friend and lawyer and how they were once lovers…and the suspense and the questions mount up.
The sight of blood makes her queasy and the testimony of the coroner bothers her. The bloody murder weapon was found on her night stand. She mentally talks about the past to her lawyer through the trail. Once she loved her husband, but after he disappears…
She is really trashed in the courtroom by witnesses. Their testimony doesn’t agree with her memories. Who is right? What really happened with the Teddy Bear? then she confesses to the crime – but the story isn’t half finished.
She writes her own version of the real Sybille Thatheim for her magazine and we learn what happened with the bear, get a glimpse of her friendship with another inmate…
Then the surprise ending. Almost no one is who they seem to be…
This is a well written book that will keep you reading till and wondering till the end, then you will be glad of the experience. The author says she can take criticism – well the only criticism I have for her is the slightly x-rated incidents and not many people would consider them x-rated. They were necessary to the suspense of the story for the most part, but maybe it could have been written without them. At any rate, I couldn’t give it less than a five point review.

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