Review of Oath Of The Brothers Blade by Samuel Choy

I think my kids and grandkids would have loved this when they were of an age. It has all the right elements: adventure, faries, monster dragons who can talk, majestic weapons – I’m enjoying the trip myself. Samuel Choy has done a terrific job. As I read I realized this has some wonderful life lessons for both adult and young Christians. It continued to be as exciting all the way through, as the beginning promised.This story, written for youth, has so much more to it than an exciting adventure into fantasy land for young minds. It is full of life lessons for any Christian,no matter what age, and the adventures themselves are enough to grasp and keep the attention of any youth, tender in age or at heart. I highly recommend it to all who love the Creator of the universe, whether it include fairies, witches, dragons, or whatever.

Oath of the Brother Blades (Brother Blades Chronicles, #1)
On his thirteenth birthday, Thomas gets a surprise­­­­­­­­­­­­―a visit from a fairy. She has bad news, though. Sir Fedrick, his mentor an…

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