Review of Evelyn’s anxious Bench

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Mike Robinson “Mike A Robinson: Apologetic Analyst & Researcher” 

5.0 out of 5 stars A Moving Volume of Trek and Trail, September 28, 2013
This review is from: Evelyn’s Anxious Bench (The Baker Family Saga) (Kindle Edition)
Every year we go to the Montana, and every year it becomes more obvious that Montana vacations are a metaphor for the human dilemma. For while in their spirit the modern person seeks to realize the challenge of their inner being, in real life one finds himself or herself mounting horses in quest for adventure, fulfillment, and an escape from daily pressures.

Moderns seek the transcended grandeur of a Western vacation, but many of us are trapped in the confines of office or market — filled with modern high-tech gadgetry and high-rise limits. Thus, we seek to go on a dude ranch hayride among brisky pines and timberline stillness, but in our everyday life, the present world is arranged such that we find ourselves in a discordantly brash and nerve-racking grind.

Not that there is anything wrong with cell phones and tall buildings. It’s only that we need an escape once in a while. Simpler times, with all its trials and challenges, are captured by Allison Kohn in “Evelyn’s Anxious Bench.” The first book in Kohn’s family saga is about a young lady in Maryland named Evelyn. She loathes the idea of leaving Maryland to trek the trail to Oregon. However, they go and she loses much, but in the process gains more. Hardship, loneliness, and trial arrive, so Evelyn struggles on. Life is difficult, filled with trouble and lonesomeness, but others come to comfort and assist. Her great angst and trials weigh her down, but she rediscovers the anxious bench as she learns to surrender it all to God. The anxious bench was a way for her to let go of worry and fret–to know that the Lord is in control (also see Day By Day (The Backer Family Saga)).

So yes, people seek peace and we seek something more. And so I repeat: No one should be content with a life of stress and apprehension; a Western vacation may bring some relief, but this book will not only briefly simulate such a retreat, but it will help the reader discover the true path to peace and contentment: trusting the Lord. Within these pages, you will take great delight as you get immersed amid faith, hope, and love. I do not read much fiction, but this volume really kept me engrossed even as I was anxiously anticipating the next scene. I highly recommend this moving volume.

Evelyn’s Anxious Bench (The Baker Family Saga)
The first book in the baker family saga is about Evelyn Baker Brook. Evelyn doesn’t want to leave her comfortable home in Maryland and blaze a trail to Oregon but her father says yes, and the family usually does what Father says. Lawrence, her husband agrees. Evelyn believes she 

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