Day By Day, reviewed by Paula Rose Michelson, author of Casa De Naomi

Thank you Paula Rose Michelson, author of Casa De Naomi, for another great review:My 5* review: This second installment of the Baker Family Saga builds upon the last and shows us why God and family were of primary importance to those who settled the west. Author Allison Kohn painted a realistic picture of hardships, and experiences, the reality of which made for another interesting read.

Once again we are on the Oregon Trail of the 1800’s. The sage is so well set that it’s little wonder that a kidnapping occurs. And it is a small surprise indeed that those who recently came to know God now depend wholeheartedly upon Him. That this story is focused on God, is no surprise for those who won the west trusted Him and found their Christian ideals affirmed.

The authors’ faith, her kind heart, and attention to detail, make this novel one that all lovers of historical fiction would enjoy reading while curled up by a fire on a rainy afternoon surrounded by the comforts these settlers left behind in pursuit of the American dream.

Day By Day (The Backer Family Saga)
This is the second book in the Baker family Saga. It is the story of birth and death but more than all, it is a story of growing love that transcends all of the mystery and drama of a family with enemies that they are unaware of. And it is a love story of one of the family who is the subject

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