Review of Evelyn’s anxious Bench by Talleyrand

5.0 out of 5 stars Absorbing Read, November 18, 2013
By Talleyrand (Sydney, Australia)
This review is from: Evelyn’s Anxious Bench (The Baker Family Saga) (Kindle Edition)
A fantastic female story of empowerment set during the sojourner days of the early 19th Century in the historic Wilamette Valley, Evelyn’s Anxious Bench is an absorbing read from the first page on. I was hooked by author Allison Kohn’s expert handling of characterization and fell in love with her protagonist. Kohn knows how to keep the reader glued and does this through an accumulation of details – both emotional ones related to character and wonderfully incisive observations linked to time and place. An utterly authentic and brilliantly written character study, this is a strong recommendation for lovers of historical adventure and romance.
Evelyn’s Anxious Bench (The Baker Family Saga)
The first book in the baker family saga is about Evelyn Baker Brook. Evelyn doesn’t want to leave her comfortable home in Maryland and blaze a

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