Why write Christian Fiction

Some years ago I was wondering if I was doing the right thing by writing Christian fiction. I ran into so may people who said, “I don’t read fiction,” with their noses in the air. The following is the answer I got:

This is important: When Jesus was alive, he told stories out of his own mouth that revealed spiritual truths in a way that his own spiritually alive family could understand. We are made of flesh and blood, so we understand spiritual truth through eyes of flesh and blood, demonstrated with materialistic stories or analogies.

Now that Jesus is no longer here in that one pure body of flesh, but lives  through the flesh of his family, he reveals spiritual truth through what we call Christian novels.

We should never be too proud to read and learn – being careful to discern the spirits. Some “Christian writing” is Pharisaical slop, or carnal writing by  Christians; but many are good food from the heart of God, given to us in love from the Holy spirit.


3 thoughts on “Why write Christian Fiction

  1. therantingqueen

    Exactly!!! Many times I have considered whether Christian fiction is good for my soul and if it grows affections for Christ. Even though there are books out there that do not and are just pure fluff there are still books out there that do and they are a benefit and a joy to read.



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