Day four of Running the Race as a Winer

Running The Race as a Winner

Day Four

Romans 6

The law of sin and death says if we trust in the law for our goodness we will be measured by the law, so we better be perfect.  No one has ever lived up to the law, except Yeshua/Jesus. The law of the Spirit says Yeshua became our sacrifice and if we trust in that payment, it is enough. His ransom is satisfactory to free you from the law of sin and death.

The devil is the author of sin and death[i]. Yeshua/Jesus has given us the authority to resist the deceiver. No matter what this fraud wants to do, at the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach/Jesus he has to go. He has no choice; he has no clout. He is destitute before our mighty God.

As we run, we lay aside our sin[ii] so it doesn’t trip it and we won’t sink in it. When we find we have picked up and old sin, or a new sin, we put it down and keep running. The longer we hold sin, the more damage it does. We won’t stay down when it trips us. We get back up and run. We ignore that sin while we get back up and run from it – we don’t look at it or acknowledge it. We take the hand of God, he pulls us up, and we run the race with endurance. We never look back to see if the sin is still there, we don’t try to hang on to even the memory of it to explain the rocks, canyons, or mountains ahead. We don’t look at old sin; we don’t look at new sin. We don’t even look at the obstacles in our path. We keep our eyes only and always on the goal, Yeshua/Jesus, the one who gave us our faith and is working it to perfection.

We can see the glory of God off in the distance and are being transformed into his image as we draw closer and can see him better. We look at Yeshua/Jesus; we listen to him; we learn more about him every day from a careful search of the Scriptures – where we find him in every page, from Genesis to Revelation.

Prayer: I love you Lord. You are my strength and the joy of my salvation. If I am carrying sin, give me eyes to see it and I will put it down. You are revealing yourself to me in the window of your word and recreating me in your image. I would be like you in my practice as well as my position. I know that I have a position in you that has your innocence.

[i] The devil has no material existence except through human flesh. He is the spirit of deception.

[ii] Remember sin is imperfection of any kind.

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