The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Things to think about for lesson one continued.


The Revelation of Yeshua Ha Mashiach[i]which God to him, to show to his servants things which must shortly come to pass; he sent and signified it by his angel to his servant John: and John was a faithful witness of the testimony of Yeshua and everything he saw.

God gave the Revelation; Yeshua revealed it, through his angel, to John; and John was a faithful witness of it.

The last thing Yeshua said to his disciples before he left this world was that the Church would receive power from the indwelling of Rauch Ha Kodesh[ii] and would be his witnesses to declare him to the world. It was because of the witness of those early Christians the Church grew so rapidly. They spoke as Rauch Ha Kodesh gave them words to speak Just as Yeshua told them they would.[iii]They quoted Scripture and revealed prophesy;[iv]they were dependable living witnesses – they didn’t sway back and forth between their own desires and the life God gave them to live. They continued daily to live the guideline of the resurrection power in constant fellowship with each other and God. Every day they celebrated his reawakening through the Lord’s Supper and prayers. They were united in joy and gladness and others saw God through their praise and were attracted to the Savior.

A good witness sticks to his story and tells it well. James talked about a double-minded person being unstable and unwise. A good witness does not waver in his[v] testimony, neither in the words he speaks or the life he lives.

Prayer: Lord, I will be a good witness. No matter what the circumstances of my life are, or how much they vacillate with the changing winds of time and chance, I will live in the Resurrection power. I am dead and my life is hid with Mashiach in you. I am crucified with Mashiach, nevertheless I live, but it isn’t my self-centeredness that lives now, it is Mashiach that lives in me and this life I am living in the flesh is by faith in your precious son who loved me and gave himself for me. I will not dishonor that treasured life by trying to bring my dead self-centeredness back to life and importance. I will praise your name and spread forth your fame with my life and mouth. I will keep my eyes steadfastly on the goal and exercise self-control over the body of death I inhabit on this earth. By the power of the Resurrection I will control my emotions and make them submissive to your Spirit.

[i] Jesus Christ

[ii] The Holy Spirit

[iii] Matthew 10:19, 20

[iv] Acts 2

[v] The word “his” refers to both sexes.


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