Running the Race as a Winner Day Eighteen

Running the Race as a Winner

Day Eighteen

                                                I Value my adoption – loving, honoring, and obeying my father;

And Yeshua my Savior, my Lord, and my Brother;

My Kinsman redeemer who cares for me.

I will demonstrate love to this Royal Family, to which by his grace                                               I belong.

Father, humble me and make me your own true child.[i]

We have been adopted by the Father and are of the seed of Abraham. We are children of the promise by faith. We are positionally a royal family member; therefore, we walk worth of our calling[ii] with all discernment and gentleness; and with tolerance accepting one another in love.

Knowing Yeshua compels love; it is the result of knowing the One whose name is Love.[iii]

We love God with every emotion available to us, with every breath we take, with every thought; and we love him as mighty, as strong, and as intently as we are able to.

In loving Yeshua we love ourselves because he loves us; and we love others because he loves them – because we understand how precious and dear every individual is to our Father. This is the complement of love, that our self-interest grows to include God and others with an awareness of “being” in relation to the family of God. The total of our personality finds expression. We are integrated with the Love of God and that love finds its fulfillment in its expression to others.

As winners in the race we have a mindset toward comforting love, affection, and mercy in the Spirit; and we are aware of our place in the body along with the equal importance of every other member of the body. We regulate our actions for the good of the whole with the spirit of co-operation.

Prayer: Lord, you are Love. You are the love of my life. I commit my will to you and your love can flows through me like rivers of living water. I have not always known how to love or why I should love. The world has a counterfeit love that I have often confused with real love. I will practice the love which my position in you makes me capable of and I will rely on your love to take over where my practice is faulty. Thank you, Love. And blessed be the name of the Lord God from this time forth and forevermore.

[i] Mark 12:30, 31; Romans 9:11, 12; Ephesians 2:19; I John 3:11-18

[ii] Ephesians 4:1, 2

[iii] John 12:44, 45:15:9, 10, 14


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