Running ther Race as a Winner Day Nineteen

Running the Race as a Winner

Day Nineteen

                                                “I see you in the hidden springs

And in the secret fountain;

In the fruitful orchard your presence clings

And flows through the waters on the mountain.”

“Oh wind spread the fragrance to my lover.

Invite him to taste the sweetness of my lips,

To drink from the fountain under cover

And from my fruitfulness take sips.”

“Your figure is pleasing and beautiful

My darling, my love.

I have been satisfied with that which is fruitful,

My precious, my dove.”

“Put me securely in your heart to stay:

Sealed there with love

That will not fade night or day-

“Come to me, my love.”

(From the Song of Songs)

This love affair we are having with the one we are yoked to is the greatest adventure, and the greatest challenge of our lives. We are deeply and passionately involved with him and the lights of our world get brighter as we see his face.

We overcome the obstacles to a deep emotional intimacy with him, guided by reason and desire. Love has opened our eyes to see, in him, the traits and characteristics that are beneficial and advantageous to our well-being and happiness. We have made a reasonable deliberation and chose to understand and appreciate more about the love of our lives. Our desire is to daily contact and become more involved with the one we love most dearly.

We are riding on the power of his love and moving to the direction of his music.

Prayer: Forever O Lord, your word is settled in heaven. Unless your law had been my delight I would have perished in my affliction. I will never forget your precepts, for by them you have given me life. Oh how I love your law. How sweet are your words to my taste. Sweeter than honey. You are my beloved. I will hold you and not let you go. Your mouth is sweet. Yes, you are altogether lovely. You are my beloved and my friend. I have tasted of the sweet fruitfulness of my inamoroto. I shall be filled with the goodness that flows from your heart. You have covered me with the banner of your tender passion. You hold me in an endearing manner and in an ardent fashion. Your love is my comfort and joy.


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