The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson Two continued

Time is about up.[i]If that was true in the first century, then shouldn’t we I the twenty-first century be expectedly watching for our Lord’s return?

John wrote to the seen churches in Asia[ii]who represent the whole catholic (universal church). We have all the best in the eternal God, Jehovah/Yeshua. Yeshua Ha Mashiach[iii]is a loyal witness of who God is; he is the Resurrection and the Life – Ruler of all earthly things.[iv]

The first song of worship blesses us with the knowledge that we are a Kingdom with Yeshua on the throne. We are priests of the Father. The duties of a priest are outlined in the book of Leviticus, but the description in Exodus 28 of the priestly vestments sum up what the character of a priest should represent to the world. The priest is set apart as holy. The materials of the vestments are gold for[v]purity, blue for royalty, purple for authority, and scarlet represents the blood of redemption. Fine linen represents pure, unblemished creation – the material of royalty.[vi] Linen is made from grass and is not mixed with any other material. It doesn’t require the sacrifice of an animal, like wool which strips the animal of its coat. The person wearing linen doesn’t sweat, which was important for service in the temple. As priests we should be as clean and presentable as possible.

The gemstones on the breastplate: cornelian, topaz, emerald, ruby, sapphire, crystal, beryl, onyx, and jasper are crystal quartz of different colors. They are the picture of a structure in three dimensions with a dense center whose positive charge, representing Yeshua, is surrounded by unites of negative charges, representing human beings, equal to the steady positive charge, representing Christians – God’s family. In the beginning the arrangement of these parts was neutral – dead. The electric charge – life – is the result of an exchange of negative charge – sinful humans – with a positive charge from the dense center – Yeshua. The result is duplicate unite cells with identical spacing that transmit light, life, and power – representing the Church.

In other words, we are the only light to direct others to Mashiach, but we must be plugged into Yeshua to shine.

The gemstones reflect God’s image in perfect agreement. Topaz is yellow and Yellow represents light.

Think of a three dimensional structure consisting of periodically harmonious parts, equal in size and shape; and imagine the parts as a great band of believers stepping in time, at the direction of the conductor[vii]radiating life, light, and power to the world. As priests of the Father, that is what we are doing. We are working in harmony to glorify God.

To be continued

[i] Revelation 1:3

[ii] Revelation 1:4-7

[iii] Jesus Christ

[iv] Matthew 24:30, 31; Luke 21:27, 28; Revelation 6:12-17

[v] representing

[vi] Ezekiel 44:17, 18

[vii] Yeshua/Jesus is our conductor, orchestrating our lives to reflect God’s glory to the world.


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