Running the Race as a Winner

Running the Race as a Winner

Day Twenty-three

Man[i] is inherently evil.[ii]He[iii] was created to be inherently good.[iv] Since he inherits sin at birth he has a strong tendency to do what is wrong both in the sight of man and God.[v]Because God loves us in spite of that fact and created us to be perfect, he gave us the ability and strength to do right in the sight of both man and God.[vi]


God, as an expression of his holy character, must punish sin. We are beyond the power of gaining his favor and can only claim his justice, meaning certain condemnation; but our Judge became our Savior.[vii]Now we, the condemned sinners, are heirs to a fabulous inheritance, executed by the sovereign power of God.[viii]

We are the recipients of God’s grace; there, we are running the race as winners with the ability and strength to do right and good – re-created in Mashiach[ix]to work well again. We are products og god’s effort. We are winners because of him. We realize the days we have here on earth to do the will of our God are few and we make the most of every moment to glorify the living God. We allow ourselves to be controlled by the Holy Spirit of God.[x] We use our tongues to communicate the joy of the Lord. We maintain a thankful attitude and employ a co-operative spirit with the family of God in reverent awe for the sovereignty of God.[xi]


Prayer: I will give thanks to you, O God, for your wondrous works declare that your mane is near. In you, O Lord, I put my trust. By faith I will yield to the power of your Holy and righteous Spirit in my life. I will be controlled by the love of my Mashiach, and I will become intimately acquainted with that love by listening to you, talking to you, and exercising my faith in your promises and constantly re-submitting my will to yours. Your love is the soil my faith is planted in.


[i] Includes woman

[ii] Psalm 14:3; romans 3:20, 23; 5:12

[iii] Includes she

[iv] Genesis 1:2-31

[v] Romans 9:18; 5:8

[vi] Romans 8:26-30

[vii] Ephesians 2:8-10

[viii] Ephesians 1:18, 19; I Peter 1:4

[ix] Christ

[x] Rauch Ha Kodesh

[xi] Ephesians 5:15-21

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