The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel


Lesson Two continued

The picture of the triune Unity of Jehovah symbolizes the Spirit in his complete essence. I am including here one interpretation of the seven-fold spirit of God:

From Isaiah 11:2

The seven-fold Spirit of God gives us the mind of Christ.

Spirit of the Lord = the supernatural power source that creates God’s thoughts in our hearts.

Spirit of Wisdom = All of God’s supernatural thoughts themselves.

Spirit of understanding = God’s personal enlightenment of those thoughts.

Spirit of Counsel = God’s personal instructions for godly choices.

Spirit of strength = god’s supernatural ability to perform those thoughts in our lives.

Spirit of knowledge = experiencing god’s life in place of our own.

Spirit of the fear of the Lord = walking in god’s love and truth, and fleeing anything that would quench his Spirit.

Copied, author unknown by me

I personally have thought of the last name of the God-head as encompassing and unifying the Father and Son.

Isaiah[i]saw the Master high and exalted on his throne. The train of his robe filled the temple. His robe was like a wedding dress that someone has to carry down the aisle for the one wearing it. But God didn’t need help. He could handle it. His train filled the temple – his earthly dwelling place. We are now the dwelling place of god – his holy temple. His glory fills the earth through us.

The seven branched menorah,[ii]like everything else in the temple, represented attributes of God. It was made of 24K hammered gold, all from one piece – a picture of pure unity. It had six branches with cups shaped like almond blossoms, each with petals and pod (the outer coil of protective leaves). On the main stem were four almond shaped cups with their coils of leaves and petals running all the way around each pair of branches. The six branches represent the inadequacy of mankind. It is only when God is added to the equation that the six, which is short of the glory of God, is made a complete seven. The candlestick holds the oil that makes light shine through darkness. Without that oil there is no light, just a barren, useless lampstand – even though it is the most beautiful of lampstands. The oil represents the Spirit of God. The oil for the temple was holy – set apart. No one could copy it. It was to be totally unique to remind the children that their Father was one of a kind – the matchless, flawless Unity. The oil for the menorah was made from olive oil and a special blend of spices.[iii] The seven branches of the menorah represent the perfect and complete Rauch Ha Kodesh.[iv]



[i] Isaiah 6:1-3

[ii] Revelation 1:12-16

[iii] Leviticus 25:30

[iv] Spirit of God


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