The Revelation Given To John By Jesus Through The Angel

The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson three continued

The church at Ephesus gets kudos from Yeshua because of their faithful works, persistence and courage[i]. “You have endured and had patience, labored and not fainted for the sake of my name.”

Remember it was Ephesus where the silversmith, a maker of idols, started a demonstration and riot against the Christians that lasted about 2 hours until the town clerk broke it up[ii]. The birth of Christianity in Ephesus was retarded by the ignorance (lack of knowledge) of Alexander, but those who received Rauch Ha Kodesh [iii]after Paul came to them stood fast against those who were disobedient and doubtful, speaking evil of the way of the cross. Neither the crafty opposition nor the intense tribulation they had to bear could keep them from being faithful in upholding the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Everything they did was engineered with respect to maintaining the reputation of the Lord.

As we consider this characteristic of the Ephesians, we must ask ourselves how much we consider the reputation of our Lord before we act or speak. We are ambassadors of the king of glory with our eternal home in the Kingdom of the Redeemed. While we are “stationed” here on this earth for a short time, it is mandated that we represent our King as accurately as possible.

Prayer: Lord, we are the sheep of your pasture and sometimes we run ahead of you into danger and sometimes we get frisky and disrespectful. We obey you but we do it flippantly and don’t stop to meditate on your magnificence – your fame. We find ourselves slipping on wet, slimy stones. O Lord, then may our hearts cry out, “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” You are our rock and we are grounded firmly in you, we who are “in Yeshua Ha Mashiach.” We look forward to that city which is not built with hands, where a place is being prepared for us, but we have this moment today to hold tight to the music of living in your hand with our hands in yours. We are safe and secure in your mighty love. Thank you for your amazing grace. O Lord, help us to remember to watch for those wolves and be careful that we don’t fall into the trap of copying the perverse words of others, who we would be tempted to admire by the world’s standards, until we begin to lead others astray ourselves. Help us to look steadfastly at you and remember where we were redeemed from as well as where our redemption brought us. Open our eyes, Lord, and show us how rich your glory is and what great power it took to offer it to us as an endowment. Help us to remember that when you raised Yeshua from the dead and set him at your right hand in heavenly places, you also quickened us together with our Mashiach and raised us up and made us to sit together in those same heavenly places with him. Lord, we thank you for your presence among us when we assemble – whether in person or over the internet. Give u the wisdom to walk quietly before you and seek your face as we gather to worship. We will leave the things of the world behind and press on toward your high calling to holiness and your great glory. And blessed be the name of the lord god from this time forth and forevermore. Lord, we have been given a great commission and the Bible is our instruction manual and credentials. We represent a great name and a great truth. Help us to be ever mindful of our commission. O Lord, help us to get a grip on the difference between the trash of worldly dogma and the treasures of the perfect law of love. You have loved us with an everlasting love, a love that desires good for us and not evil; a love so great you gave your only begotten Son so that we might have your abundant life of liberty. We know that if we love you we will keep your commandments; and that means we will love each other with the same care that we love and look after ourselves. And we also know that when we learn to love like that we will be walking in the perfect law of liberty. Lord, we constantly trip with our clumsy feet of clay and we see that we don’t even love ourselves, let alone our neighbor. Forgive us, Lord, and teach us to walk close to you, for you are Perfect Love and we desire to have that love reflected off of us to others.

To be continued


[i] Revelation 2:2, 3

[ii] Acts 19:24-41

[iii] The Holy spirit


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