Running the Race as a Winner Day Twenty-nine

Running the Race as a Winner

Day Twenty-nine

Because Cain refused to turn to God, the seed of the woman, promised in Genesis 3:16 would come from Seth[i], the younger son. Adam had been on this earth 235 years when Seth’s first son Enosh, which means “mortal” was born.  He was the grandson of a man whose name means “of the earth”. Adam lived to see his six times great grandson, Lamech, who dies five years before the flood. His son Lamech’s father, Methuselah, died the year of the flood; and Methuselah’ father Enoch, walked with God three hundred years[ii]but it wasn’t until ninety years after he was taken up to God that it was said of anyone else that he “walked with God.” Whether we take this as literal time and people or as symbolic times and people, the message is the same: walking with God, the great and majestic Creator of the universe, is the key to avoiding sin.


As winners in the race we walk with God by faith. We agree with God that sin is degrading and corrupt; and we understand that the result is sickness, sadness and death. We hate it, we abhor it, and we despise it; so we avoid it, shun it, and turn from it. We are interested in the joy of the Lord that gives us strength. We love and seek the light that produces the fruit of the Spirit that is all goodness, righteousness, and truth. We delight in the law of the Lord that produces peace, health, and happiness. We direct our lives – an integration of passion and reason – to the Father of Light, from whence comes every good and perfect gift.


Prayer: Lord, I love you. You are my strength; your law restores my soul, your testimonies give me wisdom, your precepts give me joy, and your commandments give me insight. Keep me ever close to you. And blessed be the name of the Lord God from this time and forevermore.


[i] Genesis 4:5

[ii] Jude 14:15; Hebrews 11:5-7


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