Running the Race as a Winner Day Thirty

Running the Race as a Winner

Day Thirty


Depression: lonely, unable to be heard.

Happiness: thoughtful, encouraging and full of love;

Able to sweep depression off into the deep gray sky.



Naomi[ii] was depressed, and that’s an understatement! She had gone to Moab in the bloom of her young adulthood with a full life before her. For an Israelite woman to have two sons must have seemed like everything was going her way pretty much. She had a full stomach and a full house. Then suddenly she was a widow with two widowed daughters-in-law and not even a grandson to take over.


Naomi stumbled on the path, weighed down with a clock of self-pity and resentment. She went back to her own home, but her daughter-in-law, Ruth, who was thoughtful, encouraging, and full of love, insisted on going with her as she walked through her valley so she could comfort her. That must have not been too easy a task. Maybe Naomi was going through her “change of life”. Maybe women that long ago had hormone imbalance just like we do. One thing is certain; she was feeling pretty sorry for herself – but not too sorry to see what a precious blessing Ruth was. Those other woman would have never known how good Ruth was to Naomi without Naomi telling them. If she had spent her days complaining, like some women do today, they would have thought Ruth was a wart on her poor old mother-in-law’s nose.


Ruth couldn’t have read, “Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down shaken together, and running over[iii],” because it hadn’t been written down yet, but the principle was the same and God knew the rules, (he is the one who made them) so he sent another (Boaz) to Ruth who was thoughtful, encouraging, and full of love; to bless Ruth.


As we run the race as winners, we will find many occasions to vanquish depression because we are yoked to the author of happiness, the fountainhead of joy.


Prayer: Lord, use me to dispel the clouds of depression in someone’s life today.



[i] From the hand of Deeon Kohn (high school project)

[ii] The book of Ruth in the Bible

[iii] Luke 6:38


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