The Revelation Given To John Through The Angel

The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson three continued

Tradition puts the writing of the Revelation about 96 A.D. and Paul’s letter to the Ephesians between 60 and 64 A.D.; some thirty-odd years earlier. In his letter he told them he was praying that, because they were rooted and grounded in love with Mashiach[i]dwelling in their hearts through faith, that they would be able to comprehend, and experience with all the saints, the breadth, length, depth, and height of the love of Mashiach which surpasses knowledge; and so, might be filled with all the fullness of God.

Then he told them, that as a whole, they were to build up and strengthen the body (Mashiach’s representation here on earth) in love. Paul explained patiently some of the qualities of love, and how it influences our relationship with each other, even our own families. He ended the letter be reminding them to pray for each other.

Perhaps they begin to congratulate themselves on how well they were doing and forgot to pray for each other. Perhaps they forgot that Love must be attended by action or it is dead. Perhaps they had forgotten what their first love was.

Some people say today that soul winning is our first love; and is when we stop winning souls to Mashiach that we have forgotten our first love. Attracting others to our Savior is one of the results of loving our God and his family. Without that love shining through our words and actions, no one is going to want to hear what we have to say about our God. Perhaps they are right in a way, but we must remember that a lot of people think they are winning souls for the Kingdom when they are only gathering followers for themselves.

Whatever the reason was, Mashiach’s love stopped flowing through them and back to Mashiach. The light in Ephesus went out because they continued to forget their first love. Oh that our lights would keep burning until we see Yeshua[ii] coming in the clouds of the sky. “He that has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit has to say to the assemblies. To him that overcomes, I will feed him from the tree of life in the midst of the Paradise of God.”

We all have an ear, most of us have two ears, but not all the members of the human race, or even the assemblies of God, are willing to hear what Rauch Ha Kodesh[iii] has to say. The god of self is intent on building up self-esteem, exerting self-will and dominating the will even of the living God. When the god of self is dead, we can hear what Rauch Ha Kodesh – our living God – is saying to the assemblies.

Yeshua ended his message to the Ephesians with a promised blessing. Everyone who has been begotten of God overcomes the world[iv]and he gave anyone who received him the authority to be the children of God[v]. So there is a promised blessing for all the children of God that we will eat of the tree of life in the midst of Paradise.

Prayer: Lord, when we look at our reflection in your word, help us to look into the perfect law of liberty and not forget what you have said, but be careful to love one another in deed as well as word. Help us to look at our brothers and sisters through your eyes of love and compassion. Help us to remember to see their sins, along with our own, nailing you to the cross   remembering that there is now no condemnation to us who are in Yeshua Ha Mashiach[vi]and rejoice for their sakes as well as our own. Glorify your Son in us, Lord, as he prayed, and sanctify us with your word of truth that we might be shining representatives of your Son. And blessed be the name of the Lord God from this time forth and forevermore.

Lord, please increase our love for you so your love will spring forth into eternal live when it is planted in the world. Show us how to better exercise the fruit of your blesses Holy Spirit in our lives so joy will flow like a river; and the peace we have with you will pull others toward you.

Help us to practice daily your acts of loving-kindness to the other members of your Family. We can’t do this on our own, Lord. People are hard to love. Help us remember we are personally hard to love too. Only you are easy to love, because only you are perfect. We well love others with the love you have given us.

We long to see your face, Lord, and reflect your perfect love to your Family.




[i] Christ

[ii] Jesus

[iii] Holy Spirit

[iv] I John 5:4

[v] John 1:12

[vi] Jesus Christ


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