Running the Race as a Winner Day Thirty-one

Running the Race as a Winner

Day Thirty-one

“Who am I that I should go?”

“Come with me and I will send you.”

“You don’t want me, I’m too old.”

I AM God; eternal, faithful, and true.”

“No one would believe you want me to go.”

“If you believe, you’ll do as you’re told.”


“I am not qualified, and I’m afraid.”

“I said, come with me, not, go alone.”

“Why should I go? What will I do?”

“I will do it. I can work through a stone.”

“Yes, that’s true. Out of dust I was made.”

“I used a donkey. I can use you too.

“A vessel of honor I AM making of you.”

“Who am I?”

“No – I AM – not you.”

Paul told the Corinthians Mashiach[i] was speaking in him; and, though he was crucified in weakness, his is now alive and living by the power of God. Then he said we are also weak in him but in our dealings we live by the power of God[ii]. Paul knew about weakness. He had been beaten within an inch of his life, so bad that the ones beating him left him for dead. It left him with what he called a “thorn in the flesh”[iii] that was so bad he asked to be healed of it three times. Yeshua[iv] told him his grace was all he needed because the power of God was made perfectly obvious when others, and Paul himself, saw how God worked in his life in spite of this weakness.

It is a wonderful thing to know we can do anything, in spite of our weakness, because the power of God works in and through us. We can know that power first hand in the darkest hours of our lives as we run the race, over obstacles so hard and treacherous we are cut and bruised from the encounter. Yeshua lifts us up on spirit wings so, even though we feel the pain in our flesh, our spirits are free and full of joy as we, through the power of God, overcome the blockades and keep on running.

We go where Yeshua, through Rauch Ha Kodesh[v] leads us. We are his ambassadors in a foreign land. Our eternal home is with him. This is our temporary dwelling place while we are on our assignment to demonstrate his love, compassion, mercy, and grace to the world we live in.

We are strong in the strength of his might and can go anywhere and do anything he asks us to.



[i] Christ

[ii] II Corinthians 13:3, 4

[iii] II Corinthians 12:8-10

[iv] Jesus

[v] The Holy Spirit


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