Oh How I Love You Part Four

Oh How I Love You!

Part Four

Recognizing that all of God’s laws have practical value we will benefit from obeying, as his dearly beloved children, we can make the commitment to:

  1. Remain unmarried until we are emotionally and spiritually mature enough to know and follow God’s blueprint for a happy and successful marriage.
  2. To pray for a mate of God’s best for us and never be willing to accept anything less.
  3. To save feelings of being “in love” until we are actually married. To save hand-holding, kissing, caressing, and sexual intercourse until after legal marriage. Our bodies are full of electrical currents like the wiring in our homes. When a couple brings the wires together the current flashes along the whole circuit and the couple who have made contact can easily be misled and mistake it for love, thinking their communication would extend to the spiritual, emotional, and mental; as well as the physical. Too late, the couple finds out it was only the flesh deceiving them and they have spoiled their lives. Physical contact was meant to come after marriage to add beauty, light, and glory to the couple’s life. But the lights aren’t the house, they are only an added beauty, a thing to rejoice in, not the thing that shelters us; not for everyone to turn on, only the ones who belong. They are an added beauty to the marriage, but impure and lethal outside the marriage.                                                    “If I were an angel, I’d fly among the stars. I’d comb my hair on Jupiter and eat my lunch on Mars. If I were an angel and my feet weren’t made of clay, I’d clothe myself in wisps of clouds and bath in the Milky Way. But since I am a mortal, I’ll wash my face in dew; I’ll lay me down on a feather-bed and dream a dream or two.” Now, believe it or not, this seeming bit of nonsense has a moral. This is it: Just because one is not an angel, one doesn’t have to wash their face in muddy water or lie on straw.” –copied by permission from Margie Lane                                                             All too often we mortals want it all right now and destroy the beauty of what might have been sublime and lofty if we had been waiting to wait on the Lord for his perfect timing. Romantic love is a gift from our Father and we can only receive possession of it in his timing and in his way. If we try to do it our way or get ahead of God we find that we only have a cheap counterfeit that won’t stand the test of time and endurance. A woman or man who chooses the world’s way to happiness without waiting on the Lord is very apt to say, “Spouses are like pots and kettles, they boil and sizzle in their skins. They are made of mud, not precious metals, they all need kicking in the shins.”
  4. To have only non-exclusive relationships while we are single.
  5. To marry someone who will be “in love” with me throughout life, and be my best friend. Someone who knows and loves my Lord and can encourage me to strengthen my love and commitment to him first. Someone to whom hand-holding, kissing, caressing, and sexual intercourse mean special experience of mutual exclusion; someone who will be totally honest with me, and totally faithful until death do us part.



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