Oh How ILoveYou Conclusion

Oh How I Love You!


His Banner Over Me Is Love

“Kiss me with your mouth, my love

For your ardor is better than wine.

Your name is a savor, my dove,

All who adore you are inerrantly fine.”


“Most beautiful of women, my darling,

I will enhance the artistry of your face,

The elegance of your neck of grace

With costly jewels to around you cling –

They are not as precious as the adorned.”


“I will entice you with perfume,

For you are to me the supreme balm;

Like the heather in the field is your groom,

Your voice comes as a psalm.”


“How beautiful you are my darling.

Oh how beautiful!

Your eyes are soft and restful.”


“How handsome you are my lover.

Oh how charming!

And our bed is without experience.”


“Like a lily among the thorns

Is my darling among other girls.

Your sweet voice adorns

The air, and everywhere joy unfurls.”


“I have tasted the sweet fruitfulness

Of my inamorato.

I shall be filled with the goodness

That from his heart does flow.

“He has covered me with the banner of

His tender passion.

He holds me in an endearing manner

And an ardent fashion.


“My lover comes and speaks to me;

His lithe exquisite physique

Is pleasure for my eyes to see –

Memory to keep.”


“Arise my darling, my beautiful one

And follow me.

For the long wait is over, the time is come

The consummation to see.”


“I have longed for you alone in my bed,

In lonesomeness I’ve dwelled.

At last; He comes to me in splendor to be wed.

My heart within me swells!”


“How beautiful you are my darling.

Oh how Beautiful!

Your eyes behind your veil are mellow and kind.

Your hair is soft as silk,

Your teeth like pearls encased in scarlet shells of beauty.

All beauty you are my love, my darling.

There is no flaw in you.


“You have stolen my heart, my sister, my bride.

Your love pleases and delights.

The intoxication of your aroma is wide,

The sweetness of your lips is might.


“I see you in the hidden springs

And in the secret fountain;

In the fruitful orchard your presence clings

And flows through the waters on the mountain.”


“O wind, spread the fragrance to my lover.

Invite him to taste the sweetness of my lips,

To drink from the fountain under cover,

And from my fruitfulness take sips.”


“You figure is pleasing and beautiful

My darling, my love.

I have been satisfied with that which is fruitful,

My precious, my dove.”


“Put me securely in your heart to stay:

Sealed there with love

That will not fade night or day –

Love fixed in realms above.”


“Come to me, my love.”


Even so, come Lord Jesus!


“Even so, come Lord Jesus.







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