Evidence for The Existence of God

Evidence for the existence of God


Nothing but faith can prove the reality of God, but everywhere we look there is evidence for his existence. For this study we will explore three areas: scientific evidence, the natural world, and the Bible.

  1. Evidence from the scientific world
    • What science cannot do
  • It is not the business of science to operate in the world of faith.

v  Science, unlike faith, is never constant

v  The scientific method is a cycle of observation, synthesis, hypothesis, and prediction that leads to more observation and God cannot be observed with the natural eye.

a)      Faith, on the other hand, is the basis for what we hope and provides evidence for the things we cannot see with our eyes.

  1. The science of Chaos; however, points to an intelligent design in the complex system of random direction that is the universe.
    • In a universe ruled by entropy and drawing toward greater disorder, chaos asks, how does order arise[i]?
    • Why should it take an infinite amount of logic to figure out what one tiny piece of space/time is going to do[ii]?
    • Chaos has moved scientific thought from Einstein’s remark of “God doesn’t play dice with the universe,” to joseph ford’s answer God plays dice with the universe, but they’re loaded dice (loaded with rules)…” [iii]
  • Another indication of intelligent design is the “Big bang” theory of creation. It suggests the universe and began at one point and expanded outward in an ordered fashion, and that this order made it possible for the planet Earth to be unique in its deposits of liquid water which is the essential medium for life as we know it.

v  The heavenly bodies rotate around the central bulge at a constant speed regardless of mass, making the existence and maintenance of life possible.

v  All the matter and energy in the universe appeared at one point out of a uniform and flawlessly symmetric time and froze in seven dramatic series. This resulted in

v  The separation of the forces of gravity, electromagnetism, “strong force” and “weak force” (the latter two works only on the nuclear scale.)

v  The creation of matter, plasma, electrons and atoms.

  • Earth is just the right distance from the sun, rotates at just the right speed, and is just the right size to support life.


  1. Evidence from the natural world

i)        Natural objects display a well-balanced composition of order and disorder, indicating intelligent design.

ii)      The orbit of planets around the sun is a dramatic picture of disorder mixed with a clear medley of order.

iii)    Outward spiraling electronic waves, some of them spreading outward like a corkscrew, flow through the heart muscles producing “heartbeats” in a regular rhythm that maintain life.

iv)    The currents inside of currents that form the picture of a rolling river.

b)      The heavens reveal the magnificence of their creator and the earth displays his handiwork.

2)      The life of a star, from its birth, through the number of fusion reactions, until it collapses and rebounds into a supernova is a magnificent revelation of power and design.

3)      A 40X15 portion of the earth reaching toward the sky made of some of the hardest and most resilient rocks known as the Teton Mountain Range displays the artistic design behind the beauty of the earth.

4)      A huge Eagle soaring on the air currents is a demonstration of the genius that designed both.

5)      If God doesn’t exist, why would the subject of his existence even be brought up?

1.1.1.      In Carl Sagan’s book The Pale Blue Dot Mr. Sagan talked more about God, trying to debunk his existence, than he did about the pale blue dot.

1.1.2.      Stephen Hawking in Black holes and Baby Universes, page 172, said, and I quote, “One wouldn’t have to say that God choose to set the universe going in some arbitrary way that we wouldn’t understand. It says nothing at all about whether God exists – just that he is no arbitrary.”

1.1.3.      Astrophysicists Arthur Stanley Eddington, in his work The Expanding Universe published in 1933, not only refers to God a number of times, but alludes to the similarities in the Big Bang theory and the Biblical account of creation.

  1. Evidence from the word of God.

i)        The Book of Genesis makes a statement in the first paragraph of the book, “In the beginning God…”

ii)      In the letter to the Romans, Paul declares that the invisible things of God are clearly seen by his eternal power and Godhead.

iii)    The book of revelation tells us that God is the beginning and the end of everything. The book of Psalms make it clear that it is preposterous for a person to tell himself there is no God

iv)    His existence is affirmed by those who knew him.

b)      Job said, “I know that my Redeemer lives.”

c)      The Psalmist says, “Know that the Lord is God.”

d)      Paul testified of his knowledge of God many times; along with the writers of the gospels.

  • God preformed certain acts to prove his existence.
  • He caused the Hebrew nation to pass over the sea on dry land and poured the waters back on the Egyptians so that Egypt would know that he was the Lord.
  • He saved the three young men from the furnace and temporarily deprived Nebuchadnezzar of his kingdom so that the king would publically declare God’s praise and glory to the known world.
  • He brought a man, Lazarus, who had been dead four days, back to life.


God’s existence is evident from scientific research, nature, and the word of God itself.

1.      In intelligent design

  1. In the power behind created nature
  2. In the testimony of God’s word


[i] Chaos, James Cleick, page 7

[ii] Ibid page 137

[iii] Ibid 314


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