The Revelation Given to John By Jesus “Through The Angel

The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson Eight

Letter to the church at Philadelphia


Dr. Jeremiah[i]calls this church the missionary church, and it was truly the church of the open door. Barkley[ii]explains that it was the youngest city of the seven. The city was founded to be a missionary for the Greek culture and language, and the Christians there carried that idea into the spread of the message of the risen Mashiach. Philadelphia was the city of brotherly love, started by a brother for a brother out of love. The church there became the church of brotherly love to the world around them. It was because their love for Mashiach abounded and spread through their Christian family to the lost people of their world that Yeshua gave them an open door that no one could shut. That is what made them a missionary church. Love is the motivating factor behind all effective missionary work, whether it is directed toward our own church members, our neighborhood, our city, or some other area of the world around us.


Yeshua presents himself here as the Holy and True, with David’s key in his hand – a key that opens when no one else can.


God saw the Christians at Philadelphia’s work[iii]and Yeshua rewarded their work by giving them more work to do. It is God who works in us to make us partners in spreading his love and mercy to the world[iv]. We know that where God opens the door of opportunity to the gospel, Satan sends in strong opposition[v]. The church at Philadelphia didn’t have much strength, buy Yeshua assured them he knew that, and he also knew they had kept his word and not denied him when things go tough. That would also give them an open door into God’s grace where they found unequaled joy[vi]and blessing.


Yeshua then gave the church a promise. They will see the day when he takes the blinders off everyone’s eyes and reveals the truth about false believers[vii].


We all have the promise from Mashiach that he will keep us safe in the time of testing that will come upon the whole world[viii].


Yeshua is on his way and will be here soon[ix]. Watch for him, for the son of man will arrive to straighten out the mess when he is least expected. But the children of God will not be surprised because we will be watching for his return every day[x]. We will be ready to wait for his good timing and not be thrown off balance if he doesn’t come for another five thousand years. We will hold fast to what we have – the good word of truth – and be faithful to the end[xi].


We may see tribulation, we may be distressed or persecuted, we may suffer through a famine, have no clothes to wear; our very lives may be in peril, but we are more than conquerors through Yeshua Ha Mashiach who loved us and gave himself for us[xii]. Christians are the temple of the living God[xiii]and are built into a holy temple with Mashiach as the cornerstone[xiv]. What a future we have in store for us! How marvelous it is that we are living stones in the living temple of God[xv]. How great to know that we will spend eternity in the New Jerusalem that comes down out of heaven from God[xvi].


Prayer: Lord, it is sweet to remember that you see with honest eyes, and then you wash away the imperfection and declare us beautiful and perfect in every way. It is only by your great love that you can see us in our positional state instead of our dying, decaying flesh. O Lord, when I spent the morning repeating, like a broken record, “forgive me for that rebellious thought,” I was miserable, but then you sent me a message and I saw that you were looking at me through the blood of your Son, holding me close against your loving breast and speaking words of love. I love you so much, Lord, but when you give me a small hint of how great your love is for me, it is mind boggling. Thank you, my glorious King and Father.


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