The Revelation Given To John By Jesus Through The Angel

The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Postscript to Lesson Ten

Suddenly the sky breaks open and John sees an open space.
Out of the space a loud voice booms, “Come up here and I will show you the future.” Immediately all John’s physical senses and sensations dropped away and his spirit was totally alive and keenly aware. Oh the joy! He was in the sublime presence of Yahweh.

There was Yahweh in all his majesty and power. The only way John could describe the exalted beauty of his God and King was in terms of light and power. How could he explain the outstanding character of Yahweh but to relate that noble presence to the transparent royal purple of the Jasper stone? What words could he use to show the church, still dwelling in mortality, the source of all life? That life shown so brilliantly from the throne that all John could think of was the blood red of the Carnelian stone. He saw Yahweh’s mercy and secure promises and translated it into an emerald green rainbow. Oh the force of life that vibrated in and through the whole!

John remembered the words of Yeshua, “In this sin infected world you will continue to have difficulties; but take heart because I have conquered the world,” and he knew it to be true as he had never known before.

John sees that Mashiach in Yahweh is the center of all and the redeemed radiate out from him, pure and holy.

How could John describe to mortal humans the intensity of the vast energy that glowed from the throne? He related it to the explosive electrical energy of thunder and lightning. He saw, with his spiritual eyes, the seven fold spirit of Yahweh in the flaming torches and heard their power uttered in His word, pure, eternal, and powerful enough to change the wickedness of hearts, or condemn the cruelest of his enemies. That reminder of the constant presence of Yahweh’ Holy Spirit and Word must have made John’s heart sing.

And the reflection of the three-fold person of the Godhead that John saw spread through a vast eternity; how could he describe that to the Church but to call it a sea of glass. Paul said we see Yahweh darkly through a glass now but soon we shall see him with eternal eyes. Until that day, we can look at the reflection through the glass and find perfect peace.

John knew those four living creatures from his study of the book written by Ezekiel. He knew that their job was to guard the heavenly throne and lead in worship and adoration of Yahweh. He saw that they represented the very character of Yahweh and even portrayed the different aspects of Mashiach’s earthly ministry. The imagery was so rich that his heart worshiped with the heavenly choir.


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