What Did God Do About Sin And The Fall?


Part Two

The Roman Empire ruled the known world; and the Greek language was the universal language of trade and the arts. The Jewish people were waiting for the Mashiach to come and set them free. Isaiah’s prophesy[i]foretold a day when light would shine in the shadows of their captivity and they would again populate their nation and fill it with joy. Deliverance! Mashiach would take over the running of the world – and they expected it to happen all at once. They didn’t understand Yahweh’s full plan. They had been told that a virgin would give birth to a child who would be Immanuel[ii]; then when Joseph discovered that his betrothed wife, Mary, was pregnant and he was thinking about how he could take care of things in a way that wouldn’t disgrace Mary; Yahweh sent him a dream explain this was the promised Immanuel and he should name him Jesus[iii]because he would save his people from their sins. Perhaps Joseph understood more in that dream than he remembered later, because when Jesus was twelve years old[iv]and stayed at the temple to talk with the priests, he didn’t expect it.

For years the chosen people had portrayed the sacrificial death of Yeshua, who is Immanuel (our god with us) by bringing the prescribed sacrifices of the innocent lambs to the temple. There were many other sacrifices that showed a picture of what Yahweh would do for mankind through his Son Yeshua, like the scape goat who bore the sins of the people, but it would be redundant to list them all here.

Through Yeshua, Yahweh brought the sacrifices to an end. By his Son, the Father had created the world in the beginning; and by his Son, the Father set the world right after the fall. Yeshua didn’t just die for the sins of the whole world; He conquered death and the grave by raising from the dead. No one but Yahweh could have done that. Death couldn’t hold him because he is the source of life. He said I AM the resurrection and the life[v]. It is a mystery to me how or why the Son of Yahweh could and did take my imperfection on his own body and let it kill him, raise himself out of the grave with a glorified body, and make me a part of him so that I could have eternal life. I know it is because he is love and love for me made him do it, but I am weak and do not understand that kind of love. Someday I will see him with my own eyes because of that great love and I may understand better. Till then, I will continue to praise his glorious name.


[i] Isaiah 9:1-9

[ii] Immanuel means God with us Isaiah 7:14

[iii] Jesus is Greek for Yeshua

[iv] Isaiah 7:14 able to make moral decisions

[v] John 11:25, 26


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