The Revelation Given To John By Jesus Through The Angel Lesson sixteen Continued



The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson sixteen

Revelation 8:13-9:21 Continued

John hears a blast from the sixth trumpet and a voice from the horns[i]of the golden alter tells the sixth angel to free the four angels confined in the Euphrates River.  They are already prepared for the exact year, month, day, and hour to kill 1/3 of the human race. That’s a great amount but not quite half. The human race but only those not sealed with Yahweh’s protection[ii], doomed to torment, are now doomed to death[iii]. They are killed by an army of two hundred million. What John saw sounds, to me, like fighter planes, maybe drones – fire and smoke and brimstone sound, to me, like bombs. However, if that is what they are, the children of Yahweh will not be touched by the bombs.

Two hundred million is larger than the armies of the Allied and Axis powers combined when they were at their peak strength in WW II[iv]. Read Ezekiel 38:22. The fiery breastplates on the humans controlling the horses and the lion’s heads on the vehicles of destruction that breath fire, smoke, and brimstone sound like war tanks with suicide bombers driving them. The serpent-like tails that have heads that wreak havoc sound like the barrels that swivel on the tanks.

There are over six billion people in the world today[v], almost two billion are under the age of 18. Barkley[vi]says that when John said the number was two hundred billion he just meant they were beyond measuring’ but if he’s wrong and an army of two hundred million suicide bombers were set loose on the world today, they could easily kill two billion people (1/3 of six billion). John said he saw both horses and riders and heard the count of the number of horsemen. The horse and rider, of course, represent a fighting force. The number, it seems to me, wouldn’t have been counted out for John to hear if it wasn’t an accurate number. Yahweh put on the breastplate of righteousness[vii]. This fighting force has a fiery breastplate (“0f fire, and of jacinth, and of brimstone”). The colors correspond to the emissions from their mouths: bluish gray of smoke, yellowish color of sulfur fumes, and red of fire.

The Euphrates is the boundary of the Israeli kingdom[viii]and those coming out of the Euphrates were often enemies[ix]. The number four denotes universality in things of the world (the four angels loosed from the Euphrates) and suggests that the power of the angel is universal. The four angels bound in the Euphrates are the four fallen angels bound and kept there because of their evil nature; and Yahweh’s plan to use that nature at the time he appoints. The Euphrates makes the division between East and West[x]. Most of the populations of the world live in the East, in the Orient, beyond the Euphrates River[xi]. Babylon is the last stand of false religion.

These forces are demon controlled[xii]but used by Yahweh. Just in America alone, there is one murder every 22 minutes, one rape every 5 minutes, one robbery every 49 seconds, and one burglary every 10 seconds. Since 1973 close to 40 million unborn babies have been killed.  And these numbers are reflected around the world[xiii].

Sometimes Yahweh uses one ungodly country to send judgment on another ungodly country for its immoral behavior. For example, he used Babylon to punish Israel and Persia to punish Babylon.

All non-Muslim and all non-Islamic nations, merely by existing, are considered to be at war against Islam[xiv]. “…the Muslim Brotherhood’s London Weekly, Risalat al-Ikhwan (The Massage of The Brotherhood), featured in its 2001 logo: “Our mission: world domination[xv].

“The threat of radical Islamics taking over the world is every bit as great to the United States as was the threat of Nazis taking over Europe in the 1940s[xvi].

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, when he was Iran’s president, said that he believed the end of the world was only a few years away and that he could hasten the coming of the Islamic messiah by unleashing an apocalyptic war against Christians and Jews (anyone who isn’t a Muslim, in their view). When you think of the damage done on 9/11/2001 and consider the destruction possible with fifteen or twenty more years of preparation and planning, they (Muslims) could easily be the agent of the second doom- or sixth trumpet call[xvii].

There is a lot of explaining to do before John hears the blast of the seventh trumpet. But first he takes special note that, even after the deaths caused by this army, the men and women who weren’t killed went on their merry way[xviii]. “They plunged right on their murderous, occult, promiscuous, and thieving ways.”[xix]

Berit Kjos wrote in her book, A Twist of Faith[xx] about “Deceiving Spirits” that “…a teaching prophet major[ing] in manifestations rather than Biblical truth…merge…all kinds of occult arts and teachings. …”Their [the angels] energy can be tapped [writes Geoffrey James] by practicing the Western magical system of Angel Magic…a practical application of the cabal (or Kabbla, an ancient form of Jewish occultism), tarot or astrology.”

Barit’s book gives many examples of our decadent society that would partly explain why Muslims would gladly eliminate us from the planet as the cost of their own lives. Of course we realize that their motives are anything but pure, but we do give them plenty of excuses[xxi] to say we all deserve to die.

Prayer: Lord, we love you. Help us to remember that when the cares of this world throw a shadow between us and make it hard for us to see you, that without light there is no shadow. Where there is a shadow, there is light. You are the light of our lives, the light of all of our shadows. Thanks you, Lord.


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