The Revelation Given To John…Lesson fifteen, chapter eight continued

The Revelation Given To John by Jesus Through The Angel

Lesson Fifteen

Chapter Eight Continued

Julian Price Love[i]says about “[t]he cycle of the seven trumpets [:] {t}he first 6 trumpets [recorded in verses] (8:6-9:11)…fall into two groupings” of 4 and 3. The first 4 are judgments involving this planet; Yahweh directly bringing judgment on the earth. The judgment is only partial in each case. The first affects 1/3 of the planet, burning all the grass and 1/3 of the trees. The second affects 1/3 of the sea; and the third (a symbol of fallen creation maybe) affects 1/3 of the waters fit for drinking – the wellspring of life. The fourth affects 1/3 of the brilliance of light bearers.

Julian Price love says, “All god needs to do is to leave men alone in their crime and sins and they will work out their own judgment. Greedy conquest, the seeking to get what is no ours, leads always to war and famine and death.” The purpose of everything Yahweh does to the earth is to bring humans back to himself. [He created the human race; sin stole it away from him; he bought it back with the death and resurrection of his Son, but left the decision with every human whether or not to return to him.] Yahweh’s judgments on earth and on mankind are what mankind has made inevitable by his sin.

Adam Clarke, L.L.D. F.S.A., & c[ii]says, “Wars are here indicated; the trumpet was an emblem of war…The land was wasted; … [and] the grass…” He goes on to say that many believe that the invasion of the Roman Empire by the barbarians is it the interpretation of the first trumpet. I can see the first and second World Wars here myself. The destruction of bombs falling from the heavens could have looked, to John, like hail and fire mingled with blood.

Adam Clark further said that “Mountain, in prophetic language, signifies a Kingdom, collections of waters mean peoples…”[iii] I see, in this trumpet, a volcano erupting and flowing lava falling into the sea to cause destruction. About the name of the star, wormwood, Adam Clark said, “So called from the bitter or distressing effects produced by its influence.”  My opinion: could it be acid rain polluting the waters and making them unfit to drink?

Reverend S. Conway, B. A.[iv]Said that all the trumpets tell of war except the last which proclaims war ended and victory soon. According to him, the trumpets foretell wars that toppled the Roman Empire and go on down through the ages, including today’s war against terror in the Middle East.  “But remember the purpose of the book, the comforting and strengthening of the persecuted Church of [John’s] own day; and the method of all the prophetical writings, to lay hold on present and near facts; … These symbols apply to all wars. The first trumpet shows the devastation war causes. The second trumpet shows the destruction of commerce. The third trumpet shows the overflow of cities and civilizations generally in the wake of war. The forth trumpet shows political overthrow.”

Reverend C. Clemence, B. A. D. D.[v]said the fulfillment of the trumpets, at least in part, according to Archdeacon Farrar[vi] and Rev. E. B. Elliott[vii] are thus: first trumpet, according to Farrar was fulfilled, at least in part, by the years of burning drought, rain of blood, disastrous conflagrations and earthquake, as those in  Lyons, Rome, Naples, etc. (A.D. 63-A.D 68). And, according to Elliott it was fulfilled by the invasion of the Roman Empire by Alaric, king of the Goths (A.A. 395-A.D. 410). Farrar saw the fulfillment of all the trumpets in the calamities of the sea during Nero’s time, the overthrow of Nero, rulers of the Roman Empire dying, Nero and the Jewish nation fighting it out and the swarm of Orientals who gathered to the destruction of Jerusalem. Since Nero died before the Revelation was given to john, it seems highly unlikely that prophesies of Revelation would be fulfilled by things that happened before the Revelation was given.

Elliott sees the invasions of Rome in all but the fifth and sixth trumpets.

However, many commentators on the book of revelation conclude that these prophesies are manifold, not singular, in their fulfillment. They believe that they represent principle, not incident alone. The prophesies are not completely fulfilled in any historical incident.

Reverend A. Plummer, M. A., D. D.[viii]sais, “…the Greek makes it clear that it is hail and fire that are mingled, and that both together are sent in blood. …the trumpets depict God’s judgment on the wicked [not the Church] in all ages. …the fulfillment is not completed by only one event or series of events.” Hail and fire mingled with blood “may describe the ruin wrought be war.” He says the phrase “cast on earth” means “they were cast on earthly powers as opposed to Christ and his Church, which is the Kingdom of Heaven.” He also says the third part is almost unanimously considered to represent “a large part, but such that a greater part was not injured.”

Barkley[ix]points out that the trumpet is the symbol of the intervention of Yahweh in history – The Day of The Lord. Joel calls down through the ages, “Blow the trumpet in Zion and sound an alarm in [Yahweh’s] holy mountain…for the Day of The Lord is almost here.”[x] Paul says, “You hear a blast to end all blasts from the trumpet, and in the time that that you look up and blink your eyes – it’s over. One signal from heaven, the dead in Christ will be up and out of their graves, beyond the reach of death, never to die again.”[xi] And to the Thessalonians, he says, “…that when the Master comes to get us, those of us who are still alive will not get a jump on the dead and leave them behind. In actual fact, they’ll be ahead of us. The Master himself will give the command. Archangel thunder! God’s trumpet blast!”[xii] And Yeshua himself said, “At the same moment he’ll dispatch his angels with a trumpet-blast summons, pulling in God’s chosen from the four winds, from pole to pole.”[xiii]


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