Revelation Lesson Eighteen conclusion

The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson Eighteen Part three

Revelation 11:1, 2

Ezekiel 40-48

“… laws governing the presentation of Israel’s offerings were not heavy burdens, but rather the means by which God’s people could officially recognize their sins, experience God’s forgiveness and remain secure.”[i]

This is what J. Vernon McGee says about how this 2

3 ½ year period relates to Daniel’s prophesy: “Daniel adopts this unit of measurement for this period …” In Daniel 7:25 and 12:11 where 1290 days is also 3 ½ years; and in 9:27 where he talks about ½ of as week (of 7 days). He (McGee) says, “Here the Great Tribulation is divided into two equal parts. This ‘week’ of Daniel is 7 years, and this 7 year period is the 70th week of Daniel, or the Great Tribulation Period.”[ii]

In 605 B.C. Yahweh told Jeremiah that Israel and Judah would be in captivity to Babylon for 70 years[iii]. “The numeric system of the ancient near east were predominately hexagonal[iv], or based on ascending groups of six and the maximum that could be easily calculated was 60. The number 70 may have been used symbolically to represent a numeric value of staggering proportions or perhaps or perhaps a number of years representing a generation [as in Psalm 90:10 and Isaiah 35:15]. The number 70 may have been used in the same way in Jeremiah 25 as in Israel’s announcement that Tyre[v] would be desolate for 70 years, and a similar usage may be reflected in the Black Stone of Esarbaddon, in which Marduk decreed displeasure against Babylon for 70 years.”[vi]

In 583 B.C. Daniel said he understood, from studying the Scriptures, that the number of years for Jerusalem to lie in ruins was 70 years, so he turned to Yahweh and offered his great prayer of national repentance.  While he was praying the angel Gabriel (who looked like a man) came to him in a vision, flying like a bird, at the time of the evening worship. He was there to give Daniel a plain answer to the prayer through the meaning of what was revealed.

He said, “ [490] years are set for your people and for your holy city to throttle rebellion, stop sin, wipe out crime, set things right forever, confirm what the prophet saw and anoint the Holy of Holies.”[vii] He went on to explain the time it would take from the rebuilding of Jerusalem to the coming of the Mashiach; he told Daniel Yeshua would be killed and Jerusalem and the temple would be laid in ruins; he told him wars would rage until the end; and, the way I understand it, he told him that for a complete time (from 70 A.D. to the time of Revelation 20) anti-Christ would forge many alliances but halfway through that complete time, anti-Christ will banish all worship and prayers until the desecrator himself is completely destroyed (as recorded in Revelation 20).

The note in the Archaeological Study Bible says, “… a prophesy that presumably … pinpointed the exact time when the Messiah would appear. Almost all scholars agree that the week designates 490 years [70 sevens]. The prophesy is (1) divided – the successive periods are described as 7, 62, 1n2 1; (2) dated – ‘from’ and ‘until’ in 9:25, (3) determinative – its purposes regard Israel (verse 24), redemption (verse 24), the Messiah (verses 24, 26-27), the sacrifices (verse 27) and Jerusalem (verses 25-27); and (4) debated (see below).

“These are the primary views held:

  1. The Critical View posits that the ‘prophesy’ was written by a pseudo Daniel in 165 B.C. and synchronizes (inaccurately) with the history between 586 B.C. (Jerusalem’s fall) and 164 B. C. (Antiochus( [and apparently doesn’t allow for the power of Yahweh to protect his own word].
  2. The Dispensational View has the sixty-ninth week terminating before Jesus’ crucifixion, leaving the seventieth (the present age being a ‘great parenthesis) to be filled in the Great Tribulation [a rather brave attempt to stretch facts to fit an unprovable theory, in my opinion].
  3. The Conservative or Traditional View asserts that the seventieth week was introduced by Jesus’ baptism and bisected (3 ½ years) by his death, thus causing the sacrifices to cease (verse 27).”

From the time the rebuilding of Jerusalem started until the time of Yeshua was 62×7=434 years. After the 434 years Yeshua was crucified. In 70 A.D. the city of Jerusalem and the sanctuary were laid in ruins by the Romans. From A.D. 70 to the time of the prophesy in Revelation 20 is fulfilled war will rage, the desolation is and will be the order of the day. Then for one complete (7) time the spirit of anti-Christ will forge many strong alliances, but half way through this complete time he will banish worship and prayers. At the place of worship, the Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock, a desecrating obscenity, was set up and will remain until the desecrator himself is decisively destroyed. No man can do this – only Yahweh.

The Message at Luke 21:24 says it like this: “Jerusalem will be under the boot of the barbarian until the nations finish what was given them to do.” Also Revelation 13:5 tells about this time: “The beast … could do anything it wanted to for 42 months [a designated time].” That is the same 42 months as in Revelation 11:1 – 3 ½ years.

Remember the 70 years Yahweh told Jeramiah about? The prophesy Daniel read about? When those years were up Yahweh cleared the way for the temple to be rebuilt. The prophets Zachariah and Haggai had the job of getting the people of Judah to rebuild it, and it wasn’t easy. Yahweh gave them visions that would remind them that their God is sovereign and works in the lives of his people, “countering the long ordeal of debasement and ridicule[viii] .” Remember Yahweh gave Zachariah the vision of four winds (6:5-7). He also told them Mashiach was coming and that he (Mashiach) would rebuild the temple of Yahweh. He told them that he knew that when they did all that fasting and praying during the seventy years of captivity, they did it for the sake of religion. He reminded them he had told them what was good and what their God required of his people: treat one another justly; love your fellow citizen; be considerate with each other; don’t exploit widows, orphans, visitors, and the poor; and don’t conspire and scheme against one another.[ix]

But did they listen? No. so Yahweh “scattered them to the four winds … their promised land became a vacant lot – … they turned a dreamland into a waste land.”[x]

They forgot the “Father Abraham” lived under a promise and kept his eyes on an “unseen city with real, eternal foundations – the city designed and built by God.”[xi]

Grant R. Jeffery believes that the Lord prophesied the Jewish exiles would return to the Promised Land to rebuild the temple. He believes that those two verses in our study – Revelation 11:1, 2, are that prophesy[xii]. We don’t know if the temple is being measured because it is about to be destroyed, or if this is part of the history lesson we are about to get in chapter 12; or if it is a simple and straight forward reminder that we, the people of Yahweh, must live our lives according to the pattern.

Prayer: Lord, help us to remember that your goal is to transform us to the image of your Son. We know that is the desire of your heart so we will make it the desire of our hearts and cooperate with you as you fit and shape us into a perfect place in you building. Because we have the promise that if we delight in you and your will for us, that you will give us the desires of our hearts, we wait patiently for the wonderful transformation that will make us shine in your kingdom.


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