Revelation Lesson Nineteen

The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson Nineteen

Revelation 11:3-6

When the non-Jewish outsiders (remember, you have been grafted in and are no longer an outsider) are desecrating the Holy City Yeshua will send his two witnesses. Their garments represent mourning. They will be lamenting the destruction of the Holy City for the forty-two months (1,260 days or 3 ½ years) of destruction.

They are the two olive trees[i]. Remember olive trees supply oil and oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit of Yahweh. David said, “I am like a green olive tree in the house of God. I trust in the mercies of God forever and ever.” In judges 9:9 the green olive tree says, “… by me they honor God and man.” Or as the Message Bible puts it, “…good for giving oil that gives glory to God and man …”

The two olive trees and two lamp stands are explained in Zachariah 4 by the Messenger-angel as “… the eyes of God probing the dark corners of the world like search lights.” And “…the two who stand beside the Master of the whole earth and supply golden lamp oil worldwide.” Again, the oil is a representation of the Spirit of Yahweh. In Romans 11:17 we learn that redeemed Gentiles have been grafted into the root (Who is the Vine – Yeshua[ii] ) as a wild olive tree and partake of the root and fatness of the Jew (Israel), the primary root.

The two lampstands hold the oil of the Holy spirit and bear the Light of the world so they can proclaim the word of Yahweh to the nations.

If anyone tries to hurt these two witnesses, a blast of fire from their mouths will incinerate the offenders – burn them to a crisp in an instant. This may be the fire that represents the leading of the Holy Spirit[iii]; or it may be fire like the flame of judgment[iv]. One thing is certain: they aren’t fire burning dragons. They are protected by the Word and Spirit of Truth. The power of the Spirit (the resurrection power of Yeshua) is further demonstrated in their ability to withhold rain for that 3 ½ years, to turn rivers and streams to blood (could this be the doom of the third vial?), and any other disaster they want to call down.

We don’t know if these two will be two men (humans) are the double witness of the Jew and Gentile Church; but we do know they will have, and display mighty power. Yeshua said[v]that his Body, the Church, would do even greater works than he did before he left this world; because of his resurrection power – the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. During this 3 ½ years these two witness will have the faith of a grain of mustard seed (a seed so small it cannot be seen by the naked eye) to allow Yahweh’s Spirit to work through them to accomplish his will. The will that is good for producing the oil of the Holy Spirit that gives glory to Yahweh.

Mashiach lives on victoriously in spite of what the world has done and said in the last two thousand plus years to deny his vitality. The divine life of Mashiach is known by what it does in the lives of the born-again children of Yahweh. It is a life that infinitely transcends the human level.[vi]

Victory in Yeshua is only ours as we manifest the life of Mashiach. As we die to self and let Mashiach live through us, the indestructible divine life force of Yeshua bears a powerful testimony in our world. And that incorruptible abundant life shows himself to the world through his Body, the Church.

In order to express the life of Mashiach we must take our place in an extensive identification with him in death to the old self; including our ambitions, our desires, and our standards. We must daily die to self because the resurrection life[vii] can only manifest itself when our old self-centered attitude is dead. The life of Yahweh cannot come into the old un-regenerate creature because it is a new creation life and the abundant life cannot manifest itself where sin has dominion[viii].

The Holy Spirit of Yahweh can teach us how to walk in the Light as children of the One who brings clarification to our lives[ix] when we have given up in utter despair of our self[x].  It is only when we turn from our self-will that the Truth can be made a part of us through the Holy Spirit of Yahweh. When we held on to our self-will we could only learn truth with our minds, now it is a part of us. Because it is only when we find ourselves at the end of our own power that we turn to Yahweh and admit that we can do nothing; then the truth we thought we had learned long ago can influence us and bring us victory. That is when Mashiach is free to work through us. Our concern about what others think about our work died on the cross with Yeshua and we are free from all human circumstances. Then Yahweh is satisfied with our work for him and we have peace and victory. It is the part of “I” in each of us that has been put to death with Yeshua on the cross that Mashiach, in the power of his resurrection, can be revealed. And when the cross does its work, the result is freedom from all human circumstances. Because Mashiach becomes Master of the situation, we who identify ourselves with him and his death, are raised by him to life on a super-natural level and, through us who have been crucified with Mashiach, he does the physically impossible.[xi]

Supreme achievement comes by the law of the cross. Through the cross – the resurrection power of Mashiach through the cross – we trade the temporal for the eternal – the present attraction for ultimate triumph. The gain far outweighs the sacrifice. The Almighty God, Yahweh, is our treasure. It is because of this that we have the power to testify of the love, mercy, and judgment of Yahweh in the very face of terrible opposition. Whether we are part of the “two witnesses” or part of the family of which they are a part, our testimony is important and powerful yesterday, today, and in the future.



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[x] These words on the resurrection power are taken from a sermon preached by Reverend T. Austin sparks, DD, a Presbyterian minister in London, England in the 19402

[xi] Galatians 2:20


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