Revelation Lesson Twenty-three Outline of history continued

The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson Twenty-three

Revelation outline of history continued

Luke reported[i]that Yeshua said[ii]he had seen Satan fall from heaven. John saw[iii]war break out in heaven between Michael and his angels, and the dragon and his angels. He saw the whole gang of Satan and his force thrown out of Heaven, down to Earth. Then he heard the song of triumph.

This is the first step toward eternal isolation for Satan. Here he is given the boot from the direct presence of Yahweh in Heaven, and in Revelation 20:2 he is cast into the pit.

One of the first mentions of Michael is in Daniel 10:13 where he had to fight “the prince of the power of the air” so Yahweh’s message could get through to Daniel. Then in chapter 12:1-3 Daniel was told about Michael’s involvement in the time of the worst trouble before Revelation 20:2 can be fulfilled. In Jude 9 we learn that Michael had to use the Word of Yahweh against Satan to guard the body of Moses.

In Job 4:18 we learned in the last lesson that there were even angels that fell from the glory in which Yahweh had created them, even though they aren’t encumbered with bodies of flesh to weaken them. But we see from Mark 12:25 that the angels who have been true to Yahweh have a sweet, unhindered relationship with their Creator that can be compared with the times of joyful intimacy between a man and his wife. In Luke 15:10 we see that the angels rejoice greatly when a lost soul is saved into the Ark of safety[iv]. In Psalm 91:11 we see that Yahweh has given his angels the responsibility of protecting us while we are on this earth[v]. They sometimes appear to human beings, as in Acts 8:26 and 10:3.

If we read again the triumphant message from heaven and what Luke reported that Yeshua said about seeing Satan falling from heaven, we see that Satan no longer has the opportunity to stand before Yahweh and make accusations against the saints[vi]. The salvation and power of Yahweh’s own is a settled fact, as are the kingdom of Yahweh and the authority of Yeshua Ha Mashiach. A time line won’t work here, but we know that Yeshua had already seen Satan thrown out over 2000 years ago. It is still important today; however, for Christians to live in the victory over the Devil that was accomplished by the death of Mashiach. The victory is obtained by dying to the desires and needs of one’s self-hood and living in a cloak of love for Yahweh. Instead of being in love with ourselves, defeated by the world, we must be in love with our god and Savior who won our victory at the cross. Our home is in Heaven. We are simply on temporary duty assignment here, so we rejoice that Satan has been thrown out of our home. He has been thrown down to this earth where our duty is. “He is wild and raging with anger; he hasn’t much time and he knows it.” Therefore, don’t be discouraged by his antics and remember he works through other humans down here, busier in the Church than anywhere else, because the world is destroying itself by their own initiative and don’t need his help. His anger is directed toward Yahweh but he can’t get to him, so he goes after Yahweh’s family.

In verses 13-17 of our study today: First Satan went after Israel. We have to take another look at history to remember just what Satan instigated against Israel.

  1. When Yeshua was a baby, Herod wanted to eliminate any competition and ordered all the babies less than two years old killed[vii].
  2. The Jews had been given special concessions about their worship and legal action. They weren’t required to worship false gods and their courts had control of civil affairs. But when the religious zealots begin to agitate trouble – and I believe Satan was behind that – the Temple was destroyed completely and the Jews were banished from Rome; and Jerusalem became a dangerous place for Jews. The Jewish dispersement that started with Babylon[viii] became wide-spread. It saved the Jews from annihilation.   The temple[ix] was destroyed for the second time in A.D. 70, but this time it was just as Yeshua predicted[x]; not one stone was left on another. In an attempt to destroy the Jews, Titus destroyed both city and temple. His attempt made Jews stronger[xi].
  3. Then Germany tried to exterminate the Jews in the first half of the twentieth century, but Yahweh used the British Empire to give his chosen people a place of safety in Israel.
  4. Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948. Immediately, on May 14th 1948 forces from the seven Arab armies – Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen – attacked from the north, south, and east. It was a for-shadow of what it to come, but not the war of Ezekiel’s prophecy.
  5. Then, in 1967, the Six-day War where Russia, in the Islamic attempt to throw the Jews into the sea” supplied weapons but didn’t get personally involved, gave Israel back the biblical territory of Judah and Samaria (now called the west bank), the ancient Philistine territory of the Gaza strip, and the “mountains of Israel” to the north. Israel also re-united Jerusalem[xii] the soviets were poised to strike Israel, as had been their intention all along, when the U.S. Sixth fleet in the Mediterranean scared them off[xiii].
  6. The Yom Kippur War in October, 1973 was waged by a coalition led by Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq. Saudis Arabia, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, and Pakistan assisted in varying degrees of financial aid, ground forces, combat pilots and military weapons. Even Cuba and Uganda sent forces. Israel won, but only because she had Yahweh’s protection. Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the Jewish year – the Day of Atonement. On that day, the combined forces stormed the Golan Heights and advanced toward the unprotected farmlands of Israel in galilee. It was clear to the general public that Russia was supplying weapons, ammunition, intelligence, and training. It looked like Israel was losing but the second week of the war put the victory in the hands of the Israeli and the enemy started pressuring the soviets to move in. Russia did send more help, but the U.S. sent arms and supplies to Israel. After some political posturing the Soviets prepared for a move against Israel, but when they were faced with the fact that if they did the U.S. would move full force against them to protect Israel, they backed off. The war set in motion a peace process – the Camp David Accords – that eliminated Egypt from being a direct combatant against Israel. Ezekiel’s prophecy doesn’t include Egypt as one of the combatants. Today the anti-Semitic and anti-Christian spirit of Nero, Adolph Hitler, and Joseph Stalin is being carried on by Iranian leaders.

Satan has sent a flood of peoples against Israel, but Yahweh protects her from being “thrown into the sea” time and time again. Thus Satan goes after the “other children of Israel” – Christians. In spite of the constant attempts to throw Jews into the sea, there is no safer place on earth – for both Jew and Christian – than Israel; and America, because we have been faithful to Israel more than we haven’t. The nations that are controlled or dominated by Islam hunt Christians down and murder the adults. They keep the children to use them as trained killers in their armies, or slaves. And even in countries where Islam isn’t yet in complete control, there is a large enough fundamental Muslim population so that both Jews and Christians are in constant jeopardy of losing their lives if them are foolish (or brave) enough to disagree vocally with Islam, or even inadvertently do something to offend.

Satan has put hatred for Christians in the hearts of non-Christians all over the world. Satan sends his message of hatred into every church to try to conquer by division. The good news is suffering won’t last forever[xiv].  We are equipped with spiritual tools to build our lives against all odds[xv]. Yahweh is strong and he wants us to be strong in the strength of his might, using the tools of prayer and faith[xvi].  We have the teachings in the Scripture to show us how to be victorious children of a victorious Savior[xvii]. When we suffer for doing well, we know that those who cause us pain will eventually realize that they are the ones who need a savior[xviii]. We have a future that is far greater than any bad we could ever have to go through while we are stationed on this earth[xix]. That’s the good news! Amen

Prayer: O Lord God, our Maker and Master, help us to remember our job is to love and we must never be part of the “Hate anyone who doesn’t agree with you” group. The only thing we can give those who hate us is love. The greatest weapon against opposition is love. We will leave your Holy Spirit’s job of convicting sin to you and we will obey your command to love our enemies. We are unequipped to do your job, but, although it is hard for us to love instead of trying to be the world’s conscience, we will obey you and love instead. When those we are called to love are unlovable we have your love that we can allow to flow through us.  We are equipped to love because of your great love for us and the rest of the world; so, no matter how much we would rather hate our enemies back, we will remember love is an action verb, not a feeling, and we will, by your grace and against all odds, love.


[i] Luke was a Gentile who researches and faithfully reported the life of Yeshua

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[vi] The Redeemed – all Yahweh’s children

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[viii] It is interesting that Amorites, the ancestors of the incestuous relations between Lot and one of his daughters, were the ones who started the first Babylonian Empire

[ix] Herod’s monstrosity

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