Revelation Lesson Twenty-five

The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson Twenty-five

Revelation 13:11-18

[i]Another Beast – a man without a soul, with the nature of a beast – comes from the foul dirt of the earth. His very nature is that of the gutters, only fit for the trash heap. I believe the two horns like a lamb portray a meek and gentle appearance, and the speech that resembles a dragon is a symbol of fearful, threatening speech. He has no thoughts of his own, however. He simply preforms as he is controlled by the first Beast.

His magical signs are sleight of hand tricks, even the fire from heaven, but he dazzles a wide audience of people who have blinded their eyes to the truth by deciding to believe lies that are popular to the world.

He is even able to set up an image of the Beast[ii], although the world hasn’t fallen for that for generations, and it is certainly not done in the fundamental Muslim world. This animated image is most likely a marvel of technology, but the brainwashed world don’t mind bowing down and worshiping it. After all, it is the “thing to do” and “what’s the harm?” And an image is impersonal; something we don’t need to have a relationship with or answer to. This mark on the forehead or hand that identifies the people as belonging to the first Beast may be a name or a number. Some believe the name and number are the same because each number has its alphabetical equivalent, but I believe the fact that it is a human number represents the Beast as three times six, which is the number that falls just short of the perfect number seven. Three is the number of absolute harmony and balance[iii] so 666 would be the perfect balance of the spirit, soul, and body of a human that falls short of the glory of god – according to this form of numerology. Six was also dedicated to Pythagoras’s by Venus, the goddess of human love. It is considered the number of working and building and bears the signature of beauty. The early Christians taught that six was the number of immoral sexual excess and is the sign of the swastika[iv], which beats into a new form; it indicates a separation of the real from the unreal – the false and the true. 666 reduces to 9 which is thought to be indestructible. It represents the power of sex. The ninth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Teth, which means serpent.

I feel that we need to be reminded of the power of the resurrected life, so I am quoting some excerpts from one of Grace Livingston Hill’s books, Bright Arrows.

“God reckons that we who believe have died to sin and self with Christ when he died on the cross, and we may fully share life in his resurrection, even now in these bodies. The condition to enjoying the fullness of his life and power is that we are willing to reckon ourselves dead with Christ, saying with Paul, ‘I am crucified with Christ; nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.’ In that way, although we still have that sinful Adam nature, which continually wants to do evil, we have also a stronger nature which is Christ’s own. As we yield to that his Holy Spirit makes us hate sin, and gives us power to please Christ. … the happiest life that can be lived. [Life doesn’t always] come the way you have planned it, or want it even, but … if it doesn’t you know it will work out in the end to be even better than what you wanted, if you are patient and rest in him [God]. The condition is, of course, that you leave it all to him and rest. You know his wish for you is that you will become like the Lord Jesus. Whatever hinders that, he does not allow.”


When we have hard things to face, if we do it on the resurrection power of Christ we can count on being victorious. When we walk with Yahweh, and his Holy Spirit has his way with us every step of the way, we can be sure of answers to our prayers and power to walk the paths of righteousness. Before we go out to battle against the wiles of the devil, we must get on our knees and ask Yahweh to show us ourselves. Then we must examine our defenses and make sure they are not carnal weapons. Do we have a good relationship with the Word of Yahweh – the sword of the Spirit? And have our prayers gone ahead to prepare those we are battling for. Have we prepared our own way with submissive prayer? Then we can go forward and prove that spiritual weapons are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. And we must always remember that not only men and women, but angels are watching us – and the angels are rejoicing over our victories.

In an interview with Brad Miller of American Compass, December, 2006 Dinesh D’Souza said, “What really angers the radical Muslim is that they believe that the secular morality [in America] is being imposed on the Muslim world. America is the vehicle of this, but there is also American support for secular dictators in the Middle East, not to mention the ‘human rights’ campaign to force Muslim societies to become more secular, get rid of the patriarchal family, legalize homosexuality, and so on. Also American popular culture is penetrating every nook and cranny of the world and the Muslim world is no exception.”

Sometimes Yahweh uses one country to punish another for its immoral behavior. For example, he used Babylon to punish Israel in an effort to get Israel to return to him, and he used Persia to punish Babylon. There is a possibility that Yahweh is going to use Muslims to punish Americans, or rather to get Americans to turn to him. America, we must repent! Remember Nineveh.

Tony Blackley[v]said, “The threat of radical Islamics taking over Europe is every bit as great to the United States as was the threat of Nazis taking over Europe in the 1940s.”

Showdown With nuclear Iraq is a terrifying examination of how Iran’s radical Shiite believes he has a “divine mission” to usher in the apocalypse and thereby herald the second coming of the Muslim messiah – and how he is trying to achieve this by building an arsenal and threatening to cripple America and destroy Israel in a nuclear holocaust[vi]




[i] Revelation 13:11-18; Mark 13:14-20

[ii] Could it be a hologram?

[iii] This is from the Cabala, which is considered by some sects of the Jewish faith to be the wisdom of God.

[iv] Made of two interlaced opposite isosceles triangles. The star of David is made up of two equilateral triangles interlaced

[v] The West’s Last Chance

[vi] Brad Miner, American Compass, December, 2006


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