Revelation Lesson Twenty-eight

The Revelation Given to John by Jesus Through the Angel

Lesson Twenty-eight

Revelation 16:14-21

Verse 14 is, of course, attached to the verse preceding it. Yahweh dries up the Euphrates River to make a road bed for what he has known all along Satan, the Beast, and the False Prophet will do next. Refer to the map for the River Euphrates on the next page. Remember the description of the Beast[i]and the warning of Yeshua[ii]. The Beast is, apparently, a conglomeration of nations with one ruler being more awe inspiring than the rest.. In revelation 13:11-17 we see that the false prophet is the spokesman/enforcer for the most prominent ruler. There is a possibility the ten horns are ten nations and the seven heads mean their crowns have complete authority. The crown itself represents the seat of government and, if these governments have complete authority, they are what we call totalitarianisms. Or it could mean there is one world leader with total worldly power. The ten, of course, represents worldly power, but I believe there is more than one because only one had this counterfeit resurrection to imitate Mashiach. Daniel[iii] talks about him as one but it covers too much history, so it seems to me that it is one spirit in more than one man. In Revelation 13:14 we have the first picture of the prophet’s demonic ability to counterfeit Mashiach’s miracles with majestic which fools people into making the image and agreeing to worship it. After the first bowels of Yahweh’s wrath, which warn unsaved humans to turn from serving self to Yahweh, these nations decide to follow the demon-possessed rulers into a final battle to destroy Yahweh’s people completely – once and for all – and thereby destroy Yahweh’s power and authority over them. They have stepped over the line, from ignoring Yahweh to trying to destroy him. Imperfect people are in the wrong[iv], but they have convinced themselves they are going to be able to prove they are the ones who are right, by destroying Yahweh’s witness in the world. It’s not going to work[v] because this world and its people are Yahweh’s creation and he will have the final say in what happens to it[vi].

Armageddon would not be at Masada because it is only 1 ½ west of the Dead Sea. Armageddon, it is thought, is from the Hebrew bar=mountain+Megiddo. That would put the battle just below Syria. The nations will probably gather on the eastern border of Syria and Lebanon[vii].

Now the seventh angel pours out his bowl – verses 17-21 (remember the angels have no sex – “he” is a generic term). It is enough. Yahweh is through. He has done enough to get the nations to turn to him.

“But how can you say that they have all the evidence they need?”

“They have creation to tell them that God exists. Humanity knows more than ever before how intricately designed and finely tuned creation is. People have me [Jesus} to tell them what God is like. That’s one reason why I came, to reveal the Father. They have my resurrection to prove I am God. They have the Bible as God’s message to them.”[viii]

From the throne in the Temple – or the seat of authority in the dwelling place of Yahweh – there is a shout of “Done!” [ix] It is followed by lightning and thunder – symbols of Yahweh’s majesty and power. The shouts are to remind us, just as the voices in Revelation 4:5 did, that Yahweh’s word is pure, eternal, alive, and powerful. And then there is the earthquake to beat all earthquakes[x]. There is an earthquake recorded in Acts 16:25, 26 that sets the captives free that were in prison. Again Matthew 27:51-53 is the record of another earthquake that set those captive in graves free. But now the greatest earthquake that earth has ever seen splits Babylon three ways and the earth will be free from the stink of her sins[xi]. We will have this made clearer when we read the message in Revelation 18 and 18 because there is more detail. These chapters are another break for explanation.


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