An Interview with Christian Fiction Historical author Allison Kohn

Donovan and the act of musing


So So today I’d like to take the time to introduce Allison Kohn.  I had the privilege of meeting Allison on

Allison describes herself as “a seventy-four year old woman who has been through muddy waters and over steep mountains and knows how to show others the way in an interesting and entertaining way.”

So tell us about your book Allison. Why did you write it and who is it targeted towards?

Evelyn’s anxious Bench is the first in the Baker family saga. It tells the story of Jonathan Baker’s extended family’s departure from their luxurious homes in Maryland with all the servants and other amenities – like bathrooms – to help blaze a trail through the untamed country between Independence, Mo. and the west coast.   Jonathan Baker had a strong personality and when he got the manifest destiny bug, he expected his children and their spouses to pick…

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