Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I went to Grand Junction yesterday for two doctor appointments.I got two growths on my septum removed in the morning. I was in a lot of pain by the time I got the the eye doctor – both doctors were very nice and did a good job. Then, on the seven hour drive home – most of it waiting in line behind other cars for traffic to move a few yards while they investigated and cleared an accident, or intentional homicide, up ahead. By the time we got home my breathing was blocked by dried blood – but you didn’t need to know that did you – and the pain was almost gone, so I was thanking God for his blessings. I cleaned the red and brown up and went to bed. The purpose of this long, drawn out, maybe boring story is to say that I never got on the internet or did any writing yesterday and hope today will be better. I was going to say more productive , but yesterday was very productive. The surgeon said she would refer me to an ENT specialist and the Eye doctor assured me muscular degeneration was minimal and my eyes hadn’t been affected by diabetes. So, all in all, it was worth the pain, etc. and the day was good.   


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