My Notes On Writing

Notes on writing fiction

My first duty as a writer is to make myself understood: therefore, I must understand first what it is I am trying to do and what is the best method for success.

First, My writning must be clear. I musn write with a definate purpose and a clear idea of the method by which I can best express my purpose.

  1. Work to an ordered plan which eliminates all the details that aren’t esential.
  2. Use clear, straight forward expression and choose words which never become vague or confusing.
  3. Simplicity is essential to cleaity.If words don’t add anything to the scene, don’t use them..
  4. Be consistent. Characters need to grow, but they will always have the personality they were born with.
  5. Unity makes the story “hang together” and revels a consistent purpose – a beginning, middle, and ending that are in agreement.
  6. There must be a single emotional effect.
  7. It must have the indespensable illusion of reality.
  8. Nothing in the story must contridict known scientific fact.

The greatest writers of fiction donot have a distorted view or judgment. They “delibertly refrain from the creation of propaganda; [they] accept life as a whole, and within the strict limitations of their subject matter attempt to portray the whole of life as a rounded experience without undue insistence on the values of either high light or shadow; writers who are almost wholly detached from judgment, and whose sympathies are broad enough, deep enough, with understanding ready enough, to embrace the whole of life in every possible manifestation.” “Advanced Fiction Writing” Course, Section II Essential Qualities of The Storypage 109


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