Running the race as a winner – day three

Psalm 55:22; Matthew 6:30-33; 11:28-30

We lay aside our burdens, yoke ourselves to Yeshua/Jesus and learn to pull as he pulls. Both of us are carrying the weight.  We only accept cargo that he takes on; we never pick up our own affliction. We pull with him and practice resting in the yoke. He is the author of patience and he is training us to walk with him. When we get out of step, we won’t get frustrated.  Because the answer is simple, we can stay calm; we simply start walking in step again.

We are “living two lives.” We sit with Mashiach/Christ in heavenly places; our seat is there, but our temporary residence is living on earth dwelling in mortality. Our practice – what we do in our earthly dwelling – is a practice toward righteousness (as though we are practicing the right notes to a heavenly song). YESHUA IS OUR DIRECTOR.

The burden of success that equals monetary gain and commercial power will only because heavier because this false perception of success is never satisfied. Every man should eat, drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor as Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 3:13,; it is the gift of God. But we won’t be possessed of labor, worry, and work to get what God has already promised to always supply. We will seek the kingdom of God (His rule in our hearts and lives) above all else.  We practice stepping in tune to the music that motivates Yeshua, our partner in the yoke. Our labor is restful when he walks with us. We work out our salvation (our life in Mashiach/Christ). It is God who works in us to work out our salvation. We are partners in the work that nourishes us.

Prayer: O Lord, my God, you are very great. The heavens and the earth are yours; the world and all its fullness are your creation. By your power I will walk worthy of you under the yoke of your guidance. You help me to practice the right notes and step in time with you, creating harmony. And blessed be the name of the Lord God from this time forth and forevermore.


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