Running The Race As a Winner – Day Ten

John 14

Personally involved with the Spirit –
Appreciating the flavor
Of tasting the truth.

Ruach Ha Kodesh/the Holy spirit is the facilitator of the new birth. He is the Spirit of adoption. Because he makes us, keeps us conscious, and motivates us, as we run the race we will look to our Father with boundless respectful boldness.  The Spirit inspires us to act out our position as a royal child by displaying the royal family likeness, which is the fruit of the Spirit. We further the family welfare and demonstrate the family honor.

We take the truth – the Word of God – with us as we run. We taste it, chew it, and ingest it. It gives us pleasure, strengthens, and matures us. With the Holy Spirit as our teacher and final authority on the word, we constantly find more of its riches.  Not simply taking on empty calories, we are nourished and invigorated; acquiring the characteristics of our Father and Brother. We are becoming strong stones in the building of the body of Mashiach/Christ; not because of what we do, but because of the Spirit of God that motivates us.

Prayer: Holy God, my constant friend and companion, you move me to the music of your thoughts and renew my mind to think like you. You are molding my awareness to understand and appreciate your will. Use my emotions, Lord, to glorify your name. You are producing the fruit of the Spirit in my life. Thank you Lord. And blessed be the name of the Lord from this time forth and forevermore.


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