Running The Race As A Winner – Day Fifteen

As I do the will of God,
Jesus is my Brother and I am a branch;
Identifying with the vine,
Living by the Royal family Code.

A search of the scriptures reveals 13 words for love -a  passionate, spiritual, emotional attachment that reflects the high regard one has for another person; a gentle and solicitous feeling.

To list all these words here would be pointless, but their meanings will help us understand the immeasurable power love has in the life that seeks to honor Mashiach/Christ.

These are the meanings:
1.         Spiritual and sexual affection
2.         Tender friendship
3.         To have pleasure or delight in (admiration)
4.         Desire
5.         Amorous words (very lovely, etc.)
6.         To Caress
7.         To have compassion, mercy,
8.         Benevolence
9.         Brotherly bond
10.       Fondness for mankind
11.       A husband and wife being a friend to each other
12.       Fondness for one’s children – Warm instinctive affection (has to do with choice or preference)
13.       An inclination to preform acts of kindness and to love in a social or moral sense (denotes the love of esteem, embracing the judgment and deliberate assent of the will as a matter of principle, duty, or propriety).

All the above are love; all are the same action verb described in I Corinthians 13 – the Royal Family Code. All, whether from a social or moral sense, love for brother/sister, husband/wife, one’s child; whether it is love from choice or preference; love for a friend, or love between God and man – all are patient, kind, not fearful about loss of position or affection, not boastful or self-important, polite, puts the loved one first, forgives eagerly, encouraging, supportive, optimistic, and consistent. This love is produced by the Rauch Ha Kodesh/ the Spirit of God and fulfills the law. It is alluring, enduring, faithful, and sure.

As we run the race with our eyes on Love we take on the qualities of love. We see Love in action and Rauch Ha Kodesh produces love in our lives.

Prayer: Lord, you who are perfect love, teach me to love. You are planting the seeds in my heart as I seek to obey you. You water them with the water of your word. Your spirit breathes life into the flames of my love so it burns brightly. The love that flows through my life will take root in the dirt of the world and produce the fruit of the Spirit, returning beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for sorrow, and the covering of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Then I will be a tree of righteousness that you have planted (you who are the root of the tree) and you will be glorified.



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