Random thoughts and things

Two important things happened to my earthly father in the middle eighties. He was born on 1902 and was in the middle eighties of his life. The most important thing was when he made a public confession that there was a God, that Jesus was the Son of God, and that he needed the atoning sacrifice of Jesus. He was born of God and stepped from death into life. The second thing that happened to him was the result of stuffing benzoin up his nose, then putting it in the tobacco in the bowl of his pipe so he could get it through the smoke, and finally pouring it in his coffee. One day I went into the room where he always sat in a rocker and watched T.V. He was sitting in another chair with his head back and was unresponsive. I called an ambulance and when I was allowed I went into his hospital room to see him. I wrote the following “poem” about the experience.

In the Hospital
“Hey! Careful there; can’t you
See we are trying to make a movie.
Here, don’t get in the way of the cameras
Now, I know you have to take my temperature
Again. You don’t have to explain your moves
to me. Just walk over here closer to the bed
Side of the room a little more so you’ll be
Out of the way of these busy people. We’re making
A spy movie and I’m the star you know. It’s important
For you to understand.”

Home again, Home Again – whoopity-do!
“I can’t go in there. You go in there
And you’ll see the evidence is stacked up
Against them in a pile by the door
Way over there, you see. They’re trying to kill me
Now; I know too much – you’ll see it all in there
Its standing in there. I heard them talking and I knew
I’d never go back in there again. You’ll see how I’m
Only safe in here where they can’t get to me. I will
Stay in my chair where I’m safe.
You’ll see.

He stayed in that chair except to go to the chair across from him to relieve himself. It wasn’t until he had put himself in an unhealthy situation that the law allowed the authorities to put him back in the hospital and give him medicine to take the voices and pictures away.

My father’s faith was genuine but he had made choices in his early life that affected his last days. He lived with the destructive results of some of those bad choices but that is not the end of the story. The story ended when he was set free from those results and when home to be with the Savior that he so recently acknowledged.

We are broken human beings living in a damaged world where nothing is perfect, but we have a perfect God who conquered sin and death by his death, burial, and resurrection. Those of us who have some time left on this earth and have stepped from death into life are equipped to represent the love and mercy of our God to the world. He has told us what is good and what he requires of us. He expects us to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with him. As we walk with him our actions and emotions will be in agreement with him. Blessed be his holy name.


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