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Running The Race As A Winner – Day Sixteen

My constant concern must be
To deliberately perform well.
I must conduct myself in such a way
As to glorify my father.

Faith is a product of grace; the material and evidence of our unseen hopes created from promises God made to us. Mashiach/Christ is the one who our faith comes from and he is the only one who can strengthen and work it to perfection. We are his well-done, completed production; therefore, we function correctly.

In the beginning God created us faultless. However; through our disobedience since the beginning we are dead (separated from God) in our transgressions and failings. But God, rich in mercy, great in love; by grace made us alive in Christ, which united us again with our Creator.

We are his workmanship: the product of his effort. Created unto good works, we are not repaired with old parts, but given new parts that are working right and made into a good man in good working condition. God takes the dim eyes and gives them clear sight, the ears that are heavy and gives them hearing; the slow tongue, he gives words to utter.

When the gears get dirty, we wash them in the water of the Word and oil them with Rauch Ha Kodesh/the Holy Spirit. When they wind down, we plug them into the power source – The Light of the world.

Prayer: O Lord, from you comes every good and perfect gift. In you there is no shadow of turning. You are consistent in all your ways. You have brought me forth by the word of truth that I might be among the kind of first-fruits of your creatures. For this reason, Lord, you will direct me into and through the perfect law of liberty, so I am working well to demonstrate your attributes to the world.


Running the Race as a Winner – Day five

I Corinthians 12:8, 9

Faith is a gift, with substance and evidence originated and worked to perfection by God. It is the visible material of our hopes; the evidence of things that are impossible to see without it – the light at the end of the tunnel. The unrevealed things of God of the creation of the world are clearly seen through an understanding of the formation of the material world. The study of physics reveals God’s eternal power and Godhead. Things discovered about his creation are evidence of his being.

The judge says, “What is the evidence of your testimony?” A testimony is perceived as a pack of lies without verification. The proof of what Noah didn’t see was the Ark he built in compliance to God. He chose to agree with God about what he said and act in accordance. Scripture says Noah’s obedience made him an heir to righteousness “Which is by faith.” Abraham’s evidence was obedience in action.

We must ask ourselves, “What is my testimony? What kind of witness am I? Is my faith validated by tangible confirmation?” If the answer is, “no” we won’t try to construct faith or proof of assurance for ourselves. When we tasted of the good word of God by the faith that our taste buds experienced, we took a larger lick and got more faith with the lick. We saw it was good, so we had a little more. We spent more time with God and got to know him a little better. We trusted him with our hope of eternal life. As we spend more time with him, listening to him through his word, and talking to him through prayer, we become more aware of all that we have in Mashiach/Christ. This leads us to exercise our faith more, resulting in growth. If we don’t see the evidence of our faith now, we will go back to the source of our faith. We will hide his word in our hearts as we look at him, watch him, and lean on him.

Prayer: Lord, your power is mighty toward us who believe. My faith will abound more and more in real knowledge and all discernment so that I will see with the eyes of my heart that which is excellent and turn my back on evil. I will look at you through the mirror of your word. I will meditate on all your works. I will lean on you. I will hide your word in my heart.  I will praise you in the public square and I will rejoice in the God of my salvation. And blessed be the name of the Lord God from this time forth and forevermore.