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Running The Race As a Winner – Day Nine

John 10:1-30

God reveals himself to man
Through the incarnation of Yeshua his Son.
To know God
We must know Yeshua.
Yeshua the King, the Lamb,
The Shepherd, the Door, the Way – bids us come:
To know God through knowing him.

Yeshua Ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ, whose position is in the heavenlies, far above all principality and power, might and dominion, and every name that is named (in both the here and the hereafter), is the head of all things. He is the power that loves us with such a love neither death, life, angels, principalities, powers; anything that is now or will be in the future, though it be high or low there is nothing that can keep his love from us. He is no fair weather friend. He is the power that conquers tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, peril, and sword. He is the power that blesses us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. That is how we can have peace while we are facing the distresses of this life. We know we are running the race safe in the yoke of the one who is carrying the heaviest part of the load.

Prayer:  Give ear to my words O Lord, and consider my mediation. Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King and my God, for to you I will pray; my voice shall you hear in the morning, O Lord, I will direct it to you and I will look up. Thank you for your Son, in whom we have redemption through his blood; and forgiveness of our sin according to the riches of your grace.

Running The Race As A Winner – Day Eight

Ephesians 1:3-5

Adopted by Yahweh, Jehovah the Lord,
To the great I AM – reality behind all reality,
I cry “Daddy.”
The Holy God: great majestic, and pure;
The One to whom I humbly bow,
Sheltering under his mercy
Calls me his son.

As winners in the race we are aware of the unlimited depths of the love behind our adoption. We have the security of our Father’s intimate knowledge of each one of us, his children. We run the race yoked to our dearest friend who knows our every feeling, each thought, all our desires; and he knows how to reveal our Father’s goodness and mercy to us so that our hearts confidently say, “Daddy, my Daddy. I love you; I trust you. I know your desire is toward me. You are my heart’s trusted confident and protector. I will cuddle up in your arms and sit in your lap and let you rock me. I will come to you when I am hurt for you to kiss it and make it all better. I will ask your advice and trust your answer. I will trust you to stop me from doing anything that will have bad results.”

We will hear him answer, “I knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb. I watched your progress and made note of the things I would have to help you correct as you were developing. I was there when you came forth out of your mother’s womb. I was there all the time you were growing up. I watched you get false impressions of me and it made me very sad. I have waited for you to call me ‘Daddy’. I love you, my child.”

Our adoption shows us the importance and logic of true holiness.  We, the children, and our Father have deep mutual values and strong emotional involvement.

Prayer: O Lord, how manifold your works! In wisdom you have made them all. Rule in my heart, Lord. Guide my footsteps. I come to you as a child to his father and ask you to shelter me under your mercy. You’re working everything in my life for the good that I am becoming conformed to the image of your Son. I commit my mind and my will to you.

Running the Race As A Winner – Day Seven

II Timothy 1:12

Eternal life is knowing God:
Being loved and cared for by him;
I am loved by him,
And Yeshua Lord is mine.
The best thing in life is to know God –
My father, my Shepherd, my King divine.
Joy not dim
Is this fellowship so fine.

We can know God in the manner of a child knowing his father – the child looking up to the father he knows – the father taking responsibility for the child.  This is so because through Yeshua/Jesus we have contact to our Father by his Ruach Kodesh/Spirit; which turns strangers and foreigners into family and fellow citizens with the saints in the household of God. We who know him (because he allows us to) are loved and cared for by him. (We may not feel it at times but we know it is true because he says so and he cannot lie.) Knowing God develops love for his family – the attitude of being his child. The evidence that we are children of God is the avoidance of sin.  We know he is blameless, so we know, because we are born of him, we must do the right thing as well. Seeing Yeshua/Jesus and being like him is the hope of the Father’s family. That very hope makes us pure.

Prayer: To you who are the God of our Lord Yeshua Ha Mashiach, the Father of glory, I come boldly as a child and ask that you will further bring light to the eyes of my understanding so I may know what is the hope of my calling and what are the riches of the glory of my inheritance in the saints. It is you who has qualified me to be a partaker of the legacy in the saints in light. Thank you Lord. And blessed be the name of the Lord God from this time forth and forevermore.

Running The Race As a Winner – Day Six

I Peter 1:3-9

When our legs are tired and our breathing is labored, we keep running because we were made to know God; to be his friend and walk with him – to talk with him in divine fellowship. Wisdom is knowing and accurately relating the truth we know about God to our own lives. He invites us to be justified (not held accountable) and glorified (re-created in his image) and conformed to the image of his Son. We lift our spiritual eyes up and see God in the character of Yeshua/Jesus. We aren’t content to simply know about the strength of his power, we experience his power as we mount up with wings as eagles and soar on the power of his Spirit. When an eagle sours it doesn’t flap its wings to keep its heavy body in the air; it rests on the air currents in effortless ascent. We soar on the power of Yeshua/Jesus when we rest on the power of the Spirit of God in unforced movement upward toward our goal. As the eagle isn’t suspended from the sky and constantly moves on a power greater than its own; we forever move upward toward the image of our Creator – on the power of his Spirit anchored to his strength.

Prayer: O Lord, you reign in my heart. You are clothed with majesty; you have girded yourself with strength. Surely the world is established so that it cannot be moved. Your throne is established from of old; you are from everlasting. I will know you intimately and deeply Lord. You have invited me to be your friend and walk with you and talk with you. You, who are the great King eternal, have called me friend. I lift up my hands to you in grateful praise.  Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.

Running the Race as a Winner – Day five

I Corinthians 12:8, 9

Faith is a gift, with substance and evidence originated and worked to perfection by God. It is the visible material of our hopes; the evidence of things that are impossible to see without it – the light at the end of the tunnel. The unrevealed things of God of the creation of the world are clearly seen through an understanding of the formation of the material world. The study of physics reveals God’s eternal power and Godhead. Things discovered about his creation are evidence of his being.

The judge says, “What is the evidence of your testimony?” A testimony is perceived as a pack of lies without verification. The proof of what Noah didn’t see was the Ark he built in compliance to God. He chose to agree with God about what he said and act in accordance. Scripture says Noah’s obedience made him an heir to righteousness “Which is by faith.” Abraham’s evidence was obedience in action.

We must ask ourselves, “What is my testimony? What kind of witness am I? Is my faith validated by tangible confirmation?” If the answer is, “no” we won’t try to construct faith or proof of assurance for ourselves. When we tasted of the good word of God by the faith that our taste buds experienced, we took a larger lick and got more faith with the lick. We saw it was good, so we had a little more. We spent more time with God and got to know him a little better. We trusted him with our hope of eternal life. As we spend more time with him, listening to him through his word, and talking to him through prayer, we become more aware of all that we have in Mashiach/Christ. This leads us to exercise our faith more, resulting in growth. If we don’t see the evidence of our faith now, we will go back to the source of our faith. We will hide his word in our hearts as we look at him, watch him, and lean on him.

Prayer: Lord, your power is mighty toward us who believe. My faith will abound more and more in real knowledge and all discernment so that I will see with the eyes of my heart that which is excellent and turn my back on evil. I will look at you through the mirror of your word. I will meditate on all your works. I will lean on you. I will hide your word in my heart.  I will praise you in the public square and I will rejoice in the God of my salvation. And blessed be the name of the Lord God from this time forth and forevermore.

Running the race as a winner – day four

Romans 6

The law of sin and death says if we trust in the law for our goodness we will be measured by the law, so we better be perfect.  No one has ever lived up to the law, except Yeshua/Jesus. The law of the Spirit says Yeshua became our sacrifice and if we trust in that payment, it is enough. His ransom is satisfactory to free you from the law of sin and death.

The devil is the author of sin and death. Yeshua/Jesus has given us the authority to resist the deceiver. No matter what this fraud wants to do, at the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach/Jesus he has to go. He has no choice; he has no clout. He is destitute before our mighty God.

As we run, we lay aside our sin so it doesn’t trip it and we won’t sink in it. When we find we have picked up and old sin, or a new sin, we put it down and keep running. The longer we hold sin, the more damage it does. We won’t stay down when it trips us. We get back up and run. We ignore that sin while we get back up and run from it – we don’t look at it or acknowledge it. We take the hand of God, he pulls us up, and we run the race with endurance. We never look back to see if the sin is still there, we don’t try to hang on to even the memory of it to explain the rocks, canyons, or mountains ahead. We don’t look at old sin; we don’t look at new sin. We don’t even look at the obstacles in our path. We keep our eyes only and always on the goal, Yeshua/Jesus, the one who gave us our faith and is working it to perfection.

We can see the glory of God off in the distance and are being transformed into his image as we draw closer and can see him better. We look at Yeshua/Jesus; we listen to him; we learn more about him every day from a careful search of the Scriptures – where we find him in every page, from Genesis to Revelation.

Prayer: I love you Lord. You are my strength and the joy of my salvation. If I am carrying sin, give me eyes to see it and I will put it down. You are revealing yourself to me in the window of your word and recreating me in your image. I would be like you in my practice as well as my position. I know that I have a position in you that has your innocence.

Running the race as a winner – day three

Psalm 55:22; Matthew 6:30-33; 11:28-30

We lay aside our burdens, yoke ourselves to Yeshua/Jesus and learn to pull as he pulls. Both of us are carrying the weight.  We only accept cargo that he takes on; we never pick up our own affliction. We pull with him and practice resting in the yoke. He is the author of patience and he is training us to walk with him. When we get out of step, we won’t get frustrated.  Because the answer is simple, we can stay calm; we simply start walking in step again.

We are “living two lives.” We sit with Mashiach/Christ in heavenly places; our seat is there, but our temporary residence is living on earth dwelling in mortality. Our practice – what we do in our earthly dwelling – is a practice toward righteousness (as though we are practicing the right notes to a heavenly song). YESHUA IS OUR DIRECTOR.

The burden of success that equals monetary gain and commercial power will only because heavier because this false perception of success is never satisfied. Every man should eat, drink, and enjoy the good of all his labor as Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 3:13,; it is the gift of God. But we won’t be possessed of labor, worry, and work to get what God has already promised to always supply. We will seek the kingdom of God (His rule in our hearts and lives) above all else.  We practice stepping in tune to the music that motivates Yeshua, our partner in the yoke. Our labor is restful when he walks with us. We work out our salvation (our life in Mashiach/Christ). It is God who works in us to work out our salvation. We are partners in the work that nourishes us.

Prayer: O Lord, my God, you are very great. The heavens and the earth are yours; the world and all its fullness are your creation. By your power I will walk worthy of you under the yoke of your guidance. You help me to practice the right notes and step in time with you, creating harmony. And blessed be the name of the Lord God from this time forth and forevermore.