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Review of Garden of Reflection


What a wonderful read. This book drew me in and kept me interested to the end. It is a fantasy with a lesson that I enjoyed, even though I didn’t need the lesson. It is told so well I could almost hear the birds singing and the water falling in the fountain. The author paints wonderful pictures with her words. I recommend it to anyone, especially women, who has a working imagination.

Angels, Eagles, and Fire

The third book in the Baker family saga, Angels, Eagles, and Fire, centers around Dianna’s brother, Richard, as he struggles to triumph over the pain of false love and finds true love. The Thomas family becomes more prominent as some of the members become stronger foes and some become friends. The theme is Romans 8:28

Angels, Eagles and Fire (The Baker Family Saga)
This is Richard’s love story. He has been away at college where he fell ‘in love’ with a beautiful red-head who used him and dumped him – a lesson not taught in his classes. On his way home from school he ran into thieves and lost his ride home – for a while. And, on his way home..

Synopsis of Day by Day

The second book in the Baker family saga, Day by Day, focuses on Evelyn’s niece, Dianna, who is introduced in the first book as a twelve year old girl who helps Evelyn with her chores after Lawrence leaves. The Thomas family’s antagonism, introduced in the first book, is a prominent factor in this book. Jonathan Baker dies and his widow Margaret’s future husband, introduced in the first book, becomes a noticeable character. Dianna and Alice’s future husbands are introduced. The theme is Ecclesiastics 3:11a.

Day By Day (The Backer Family Saga)
This is the second book in the Baker family Saga. It is the story of birth and death but more than all, it is a story of growing love that transcends all of the mystery and drama of a family with enemies that they are unaware of. And it is a love story of one of the family who is the..

A synopsis of Evelyn’s anxious Bench by Allison Kohn Author


It is the early part of the nineteenth century and although New Englanders have been spreading their wings and moving ever further west for years Evelyn Brook, the daughter of wealthy Jonathan Baker, has lived in Maryland all her life and would never think of leaving. She doesn’t know how to cook, she doesn’t make her own clothes, and she doesn’t take care of her own children. That’s what servants are for.

Evelyn does have a good education for a girl brought up in those days, and she is compelled by her father to teach school just long enough to get a taste of the power of independent thought. But after her marriage she settles down in a mold set by generations of the upper class in New England and is quite satisfied with her life, for the most part.

Then the unthinkable happens and she finds herself without servants, riding in an expensive but uncomfortable and clumsy covered wagon. Evelyn not only has to learn to cook, but she has to eat her mistakes while she learns. She soon discovers that the clothes considered suitable for the women of her class in society are totally unsuitable for the trail west. So she learns to sew. Can life get any harder?

It certainly can. Added to all the menial labor Evelyn is learning to do, she is given the task of teaching her and her brothers’ older children. Evelyn’s father has everything under control and Evelyn’s niece, Alice, is delighted with the whole impossible situation; but then, Alice is only four years old and doesn’t have to do anything but enjoy the fruit of other people’s labor.

Evelyn doesn’t like any of these changes, but being a good woman is important to her so she hides the anger and frustration I her heart and puts on a happy face. She learns to do her duties as mother, wife, and teacher well without revealing her feelings. But her thoughts aren’t so complacent. She hates her new life, and being pregnant with her third child doesn’t her general miserable state of mind. She doesn’t want to hear about tall evergreen forests and cool streams stocked with unbelievable large fish and lined with berries. What does she care for that? Home had all the delicious dishes she could desire and they were prepared by someone else.

Adding insult to injury, the other members of Jonathan Baker’s family all seemed to think this insanity is a joyful lark.

Jonathan himself has always lived an unsettled life, popping from one war into another and never staying with his family. But now that he is an old man, instead of staying put and enjoying his later years like any sane man would, Jonathan takes on a new battle. The trouble is, this battle is with the untamed west and he is taking his family with him. Evelyn thinks the whole family has lost its sense of reality.

To complicate matters, one of Evelyn’s brothers, Stephen, is seriously injured when one of the members of the wagon train mismanages a plot to rob their fellow travelers and Stephen tries to intervene. Evelyn’s world seems to be falling apart and when her husband goes after the culprits and their plunder, not returning when expected she as to take the added responsibility of doing her husband’s job along with her own.

Since the other members of the family are busy with their own responsibilities to help Evelyn with her burdens a Presbyterian minister traveling with the train helps her get through some difficult ordeals. Evelyn is mad at God but the minister keeps telling her God loves her and will help her if she will let him. The minister tells Evelyn God made her the way she is and gave Lawrence to her because he knew she needed him. He seems to be making quite an impression with some of the other members of the Jonathan Baker family but Evelyn tries to ignore him.

However, Evelyn’s attitude is gradually changing without her realization. As her muscles get stronger she gets used to the burdens; they become less of a burden and more of a reason for pride. And Evelyn can’t help remember what the minister said about it being God who made her and he wanted to help her.

Then one of the young culprits Lawrence has been chasing rides into camp with the news that Lawrence is dead. Everything dies inside of Evelyn until she remembers her children and decides she must go on being a “good mother” even if she is dead.

Evelyn’s lifeless indifference to everything that doesn’t relate to her children frightens her family and they go in desperation to the minister for help, which opens the door for the whole family to get a glimpse of the Maker and his love for them. Most of the members of the Baker family have always believed in a social gospel. The ones who don’t believe that all the gospel contains is a sort of rule book for society haven’t made themselves obnoxious by arguing with the ones who do, but now the door is open they began to slowly make their faith known.

Evelyn gradually comes back to life and realizes she can actually find joy in winning the battle over her ordeals. Everything the minister, Daryl O’Riley, says seems to have profound meaning now and Evelyn is no longer content with a social gospel. Her entire family seems to be leaning the same way and it isn’t long before they all find “new life in Christ” is better than a social gospel any day.

Then Evelyn’s mother has what seems to be a heart attack and the whole family learns to pray. God answers their prayers and increases their faith for the trails ahead.

Evelyn’s father is beginning to know the guilt of dragging his family into his passion for adventure and bringing suffering to them as a consequence. He offers to send Evelyn and the children back home to the east, but Evelyn discovered her home changed position and is traveling with her.

Evelyn gives birth to twins west of the Snake River. The pride in the woman God created is growing with each victory, and giving birth to live healthy twins on the uncut Oregon Trail is no little accomplishment.

Every incident in Evelyn’s life is an opportunity for Daryl O’Riley’s help. He is beginning to be very important to Evelyn and her children. And the two of them are unintentionally getting to know each other.

By the time Evelyn and her family get to the Willamette Valley in Oregon Daryl O’Riley’s place in Evelyn’s heart is fixed and the book is finished with their wedding.

Review of Times of Turmoil by Cliff Ball – Read the book and tell me what you think.

He, Too, Has a Family. It's Up to You to See H...

He, Too, Has a Family. It’s Up to You to See Him Through – NARA – 534274 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National Baptist Evangelical Life and Soul Sav...

National Baptist Evangelical Life and Soul Saving Assembly of the U.S.A. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have all heard those conspiracy theories – or are the well educated guesses? – about the ultra-rich of the world who have been running things behind the scenes in the world for centuries. In Times Of Turmoil by Cliff Ball we have an example of what one of these families could have been plotting since the second world war.
Cliff does a good job of giving us a compare/contrast report of two families.
One is his idea of a worst case scenario: a portrait of one family whose only desire is more and more power. Money is important only as a means to further power. War and terror are another means to dominance. Everything they do is centered on aggregate power in the world for that one household.
On the other end of the spectrum is a God-fearing Baptist family whose only desire is to live and love in the Light of the God of Peace.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes history, anyone who is interested in a thrilling – and frightening – end time books; and all other Christians.

Times of Turmoil: a Christian Thriller (The End Times Saga 1)
The first book in the End Times Saga – Christian FictionIn this prequel to Times of Trouble and Times of Trial, we follow how the Evans family gained their riches and eventually their power to influence events in the United States. We see important events that the Evans family gets themselves inv…

Review of Evelyn’s anxious Bench by Talleyrand

5.0 out of 5 stars Absorbing Read, November 18, 2013
By Talleyrand (Sydney, Australia)
This review is from: Evelyn’s Anxious Bench (The Baker Family Saga) (Kindle Edition)
A fantastic female story of empowerment set during the sojourner days of the early 19th Century in the historic Wilamette Valley, Evelyn’s Anxious Bench is an absorbing read from the first page on. I was hooked by author Allison Kohn’s expert handling of characterization and fell in love with her protagonist. Kohn knows how to keep the reader glued and does this through an accumulation of details – both emotional ones related to character and wonderfully incisive observations linked to time and place. An utterly authentic and brilliantly written character study, this is a strong recommendation for lovers of historical adventure and romance.
Evelyn’s Anxious Bench (The Baker Family Saga)
The first book in the baker family saga is about Evelyn Baker Brook. Evelyn doesn’t want to leave her comfortable home in Maryland and blaze a

Review of Girl Jacked by Christopher Grayson

Girl Jaked got me hooked for the next book. It is not only a thrilling mystery; it is a character study of two lovable – in spite of their hang-ups – people. the characters are all well developed and the descriptions are written works of art. I was impressed with the respectful approach to God, even though the hero isn’t a Christian. The last traumatic scene was very impressive too.

Girl Jacked (A Jack Stratton Mystery)
AMAZON INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLER! • Amazon #1 Best-Seller – CRIME • Amazon #1 Best-Seller – MEN’S ADVENTURE • Amazon #1 Best-Seller – VIGILANTE JUSTICE • Amazon #2 Best-Seller – SERIES • Amazon #4 Best-Seller – MURDER &#…

Review of Third Heaven: The Rise Of Fallen Stars by Donovan Neal

Third Heaven: The Rise Of Fallen Stars by Donovan Neal uses the language especially created by King James for his translation of the Bible, creating an ambience of royalty. Pigment and power bring metaphor, symbol, image, and allusion to life as the artist weaves Bible lore and fable together in this thrilling tale of suspense.
Donovan uses earthly things to describe spiritual things. He makes things that happened in heaven a pre-curser to things that happened on earth – in a way, an explanation of how things happened on earth. This is not just one man’s idea of what may have happened in heaven in the past, but what is happening in the spiritual realm now and how it affects earth.

The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars
The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars is book one of a three part series that tells of the fascinating story of the Fall of Lucifer. Lucifer, God’s perfect creation and who dwelt in his very presence, walked in the midst of the stones of fire. Yet rose up to betray the Lord and bring …

Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann

This is literary fiction at it’s best. It’s plots and subplots are only surpassed by the in depth character studies and descriptions of places, people, and action. The importance of God, his mercy, grace, and redeeming power are paramount to the story, and the telling of it. The message that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness comes through loud and clear. This book deals with the reality that all of us have garbage in our lives – in other words, come short of God’s perfection – and need God’s mercy and grace.

Review of Angels, Eagles, And Fire by Susan Carol Smith

5.0 out of 5 stars ), October 7, 2013

This book takes you into a Mid-west travel and family life in times when the bad people had to be taken care of by the family of the victims. It shows the interior conflict of a person’s battle between right and wrong and their belief in God. I would recommend this book to any one that likes adventure.

Angels, Eagles and Fire (The Baker Family Saga)
This is Richard’s love story. He has been away at college where he fell ‘in love’ with a beautiful red-head who used him and dumped him – a lesson not taught in his classes. On his way home from