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Running The Race As A winner, The Second Thirty Days

Day Forty-four

I Timothy 6:12

Fight the good fight of faith! Take hold of the eternal life—you were called to it, and you made the good confession for it in the presence of many witnesses.[1]

We must wage war against the Devil’s attempts to erect strongholds of doubt and division in the Church. We must be careful not to fight with each other, but for each other.

It is hard for us to be separated because of the corona virus. Christians wonder if it is a government scheme to take away our power by driving a wedge between us. As Christians who are running the race as winners, we know that Satan uses things like this to try to make us weak. He knows that there is strength in numbers. He encourages division in the Church because he thinks it will weaken the power of God. He is a liar and deceiver. He comes among us as an angel of light and tells us we have something to fear – like this virus or other Christians that have different needs and personalities. He wants us to think that we understand everything perfectly so if the conclusions about things that have no eternal significance – like the way we worship when we come together, the type of music we prefer, whether or not we use symbols in our buildings, what we believe about healing, and on and on and on – are different than other Christians that we shouldn’t have fellowship with any of those members of the family of God. We need to cement our relationship with all the other members of the body of Christ. It the members of my physical body were to decide that some of the other members were “out of line” and refused to cooperate with them I would be in a physical mess. That would impede my power to do the things necessary to accomplish the functions of my physical survival. The same is true of the Body of Christ. We have a job to do and when we listen to Satan and allow him to divide us for any reason, it makes the job we have to do less effective. Satan cannot weaken God but he tries to weaken the Body of Christ. We must not allow him to use us in his useless attempt to destroy the mighty works of God. 

We must fight the good fight of faith and use the mighty weapons of God whose word is full of power. God’s word is sharper than any two-edged sword. It comes deep into our innermost thoughts and desires and even divides life from the breath of life. With God’s word we can tear down any strongholds that the Devil erects, and with His word we can pour strength into our spirits and live in the realm of eternity.

Prayer: Eternal King of my heart and life, I adore you and worship you. I will remember that you Body is here on this earth and has been for about two thousand years. I will not be intimidated into thinking that a single part of your Body is unimportant or less than any other part of it. My personality may not appreciate one member of your Body as much as another but I will not let that induce me to belittle those that I am not as attracted to. I will love all of my neighbors as I love and care for myself because they are all part of you; and I will bless your name both now and forevermore.

[1] TLV